a nite in theMission

[where: 94110]

doc\'s clock

MishyMoo was in town on friday. she’s gettin her “green” (susatinable business practices) MBA here in SF, so she visits once a month from NY.

MishyMoo txtd me the details.  an event planned with the kids from school which consisted of: el Farolito for dollar tacos or something, followed by drinks at Doc’s Clock (happy hour till 9pm), and finally to see a band at 12 Galaxies.

none of that stuff was appealing to me. in the least. and for her either. (love her!)

we decided to bag el farolito, and maybe meet the rest of the kids at Doc’s Clock (maybe).

and goddammit, i’m glad we did!

we started at Foreign Cinema. i was there a few weeks ago for Plo’s wedding. i like it there. people are cool, great atmosphere, and oh, the food’s good, too.

we started with cocktails. MishyMoo doesn’t drink wine, like me. (i love her! ) it was only after our first cocktail when we decided what the hell we were gonna eat.

foie gras was more like a torchon. i much prefer my foie gras as an actual piece of duck/goose organ, rather than pulverized and mixed and reshaped into a cylindrical form… but that’s just me. it was still good, but a tasted a little bit too much like unsalted butter.

we had kumamoto and olympia oysters. MishyMoo loves the accoutrements. almost more than the oysters themselves. she makes me laugh. (have i mentioned that i love her?)

blah blah blah. dinner. duck breast and indian mixed grill and more cocktails.

was too early to go to doc’s clock.

we go to the sky bar at medjool.

it’s fucking freezing up there!

but we have more drinks anyway.

it was so damn cold, even with the heat lamps. we went back inside to the loft on the second level.

we finish up, and head to doc’s clock. no kids there yet.

we have a drink.

it only costs $5 (!?)


we have some more.

the kids show up later. (remember, they’re going to see a band at 12 Galaxies that started at 9pm). more kids show up. i meet many of them. and realize that i am older than many of them by about 10 years. (!)

we continue drinking (still amazed that drinks are only $5! and it’s no longer happy hour!)

the rest of the night gets a little hazy.

i think i left around midnight. (?)

met up at Thieves’ tavern for more drinks.

and then i woke up on saturday.


good times.


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