foggy beach

the other day (thurs), i was finally off. daytrip. checked the weather. 76 at muir beach. i reserve a zipcar and i’m on my way. this time, it was a Mini Convertible. white one. i am so luxurious.

after about an hour of winding roads, we make it to muir beach.

it’s cold. it’s totally foggy. damn.

went up the road a bit, headed to Stinson beach, but thought better of it. headed back down to muir beach, where it was a little less foggy by now, and hung out for about an hour.

a few more quick turns, and more split second decision-making eventually brought us to Tiburon. it’s totally warm and sunny! yeah!

we had drinks at the requisite Sam’s on the harbor. and some food, because we hadn’t eaten anything. really fucking-A expensive!

on the way back to SF, we stopped in Sausalito. and found this place called FISH. tres populaire with the locals. it looks like it was once an airplane hangar, or a fish warehouse, or perhaps it’s recently built, but made to look really old.

also expensive, but good stuff.

we made it back to SF, just in time for dinner at Tinderbox. 3-course prixe fix menu for $29! yeah!

wow, it makes it seem as though all i did on thursday was eat. and in a way, that’s an accurate resprentation of my life.

uh, and i’m sure there’s more to say, but i gotta go to the gym.


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