thurs 17 april

yesterday i was dying from my hangover.

tuesday night, i decided it was a good idea to go to monk’s kettle after work.

and all they serve there is beer and wine. and we all know how i feel about beer and wine. (i don’t like it. i’ll drink it if necessary, but it’s not my beverage of choice)

(i’d already had 3 wine schpritzers at work.)
then we went to a cluuuuuub. just because.

and then it was last call. i think.

somehow, i musta gotten home. because i woke up with everything still intact.

around 11:30am, i was slowly dying. dying a slow and painful death as, with great effort, my body tried to slowly dissolve the alcoholic poison which i had so agreeably imbibed less than 12 hours prior. i lay there, on my couch, bright sun beating down through the open curtains, and continued to do so until about 3:30pm, when i had to be at work.

and then, miraculously, i felt like a normal person again.


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