yellow fever

it was california-hot on saturday, and i went to Japantown to the cherry blossom festival.

(last time i went was two years ago with Ro. she’s part-Japanese, so i was totally in the know. )

it’s pretty much like any other street fair. lotsa food. lotsa, lotsa food. also a really bad cover band playing 70s tunes. i felt like i was on a cruise.

what i DID notice was a lotta geeky white guys with their asian girlfriends/wives/lovers.  at first, it was funny. but after about 10 minutes of seeing dozens of “dorky-white-guy-and-asian-girl” couples,  or “ghetto-thug-and-hip-hop-asian-girl” couples, it was a little creepy, and somewhat irritating.

so much Yellow Fever going on.


2 Responses to “yellow fever”

  1. I was at the very same festival and not to come off on a racist approach, man I felt the same creepiness. I’m an Asian guy and hold my own with my Asian girl but this White male Asian female relationship is getting old . Yes the guys I saw were geeky, trashy, fat and no better than you average deadbeat Asian guy. Come on Asian ladies, have a little bit more class and respect for your culture and date your own men instead of trying so hard to fit in America. I know you mom’s is working hard and your pop’s is slaving, a better life and understanding of culture in America does not mean getting with a substandard White male.

  2. LOL. i see that a lot tooo!

    i was like, “wait… what… ?”
    i’m not being racist or anything, but YEAAH.
    besides, asian guys are hoooot.
    i must be like, the only asian in my school who’ll only date asians.
    BECAUSE i’m not really attracted to anyone else.
    i’m friends with more cultures,
    but when it comes to guys, it’s gotta be asian.
    really. haha.

    BUT i have to disagree with the person above me(:
    sometimes it has nothing to do with fitting in.
    maybe you just LIKE the guy or girl?
    i mean, WHO CARES if you don’t fit in?
    Japantown, Koreatown… etc, we’ve got our own people there.
    white people don’t like us, okay then that’s fine.
    that’s their own bullshit(:
    & we’ve got ours.

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