mon 14 april

it was jamie’s birthday on sunday. (her hair is still very very very dry.  should i say something to her?)  she and her beau decided to ride their bikes over the bridge and into sausalito, and through to mill valley. they hardly ever ride their bikes, and when they do, they decide to do something so overly ambitious? they’re a little crazy.

our planned meeting time was 10:30am-11:00am. they didn’t arrive till about 11:40am. we waited about an hour for them.

i woulda loved to ride with them, but i realized that i didn’t have enough time to make the 2+ hour ride there, and 2+ hour ride back, to get home, get beautiful, and get to work on time.

so i took a zipcar. i was very excited when i came up with this brilliant idea! i am so green. i am SO saving the earth by car-sharing!

brunch was fine. there were 11 of us total. i met some new people, and also saw some people that i’ve known for years.

i’m also realizing that everyone around me is becoming very old (looking and acting.) and yet, i somehow stay very young. why is that?


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