sing… sing a song

sat 12 april

so me and LT went to kara-okay last night!

good times!

she’s a kara-okay virgin, and was a little nervous about getting up in front of strangers and embarrassing herself. (uh, that’s the whole appeal of it, hello?).

so we went to Do Re Mi Karaoke. it’s the kind that you’re in your own private room. better for beginners, and better for practicing, and better because there’s no waiting. kick ass.

the karaoke place doesn’t sell booze. and we didn’t think ahead enough to smuggle some in. beforehand, we stopped in to the bar next door, Dimples.

Dimples is like a weird undergroud korean society where the music is techno, the drinks are strong (although not exactly what you ordered), and smoking is allowed (!).

me and li immediately loved Dimples. 2 drinks later, we were ready to sing/scream/shout/wail.

it was the best time i’ve had in i don’t know how long!

we sang (screamed) power pop tunes while jumping around our tiny recording studio/dance club. we sweated. yes, it was cardio-karaoke!

we sang power ballads.

we sang duets while holding hands.

i’m hooked again.
i can’t wait to go back.


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