a day in theCruz

12 april sat

it was totally california-hot on friday, so me and a zipcar drove to theCruz.

i was totally living large (or small) in my Mini convertible. i had the top down, the sun was beating down on my shoulders, and the wind was whipping through my hair.

(that’s totally not me)

fuck, it takes a long time to get there! at least 90 minutes, and almost 2 hours with traffic.

damn, there are a lotta fuuuuucking hippies here! it’s like haight st (multiplied by 10) bleah.

i found parking downtown. and hit some thrift stores first. didn’t find anything at crossroads. also went to the salvation army across the street. nothing there either.

with thrifting out of the way, i headed for the beach.

the Boardwalk isn’t open yet. and neither are many of the concessions. the arcade and mini-golf were open. i walked around the municipal wharf for a little bit. waste of time. it’s just like pier 39 fisherman’s wharf here in SF–suck ass, and overpriced.

i was hungry, because i realized it was almost 2pm and i didn’t eat anything.

had an overpriced, suck-ass, side of fries and a breadbowl soup on a sunny patio overlooking the beach.

after lunch it was time to get some UV exposure.

lotsa young, gorgeous twenty-somethings were playing volleyball on the beach. i make a mental note to go to the gym some more. and stop eating so much.

i spent the next few hours luxuriating.

and then i had the brilliant idea to go find the restaurant our host-stye, Ja-NayNay used to work. the Crow’s Nest. i googled via phone, i mapped. i had a general idea of where the hell it was, but no actual idea.

i drove a little here and there, and after about a half hour, i found it.

and the fuck if i haven’t been there before!

back in ’03, me and CrazyCzech went to theCruz for the first time on July4th. it was too too crazy crowded, with families and kids and riff raff. we decided to find a different beach, and stumbled upon Twin Lakes Beach. it was apparently, the beach for the young and beautiful. naturally, we spent the day there.

at about sunset-ish time, we had visions of going to a bar to watch the sunset. that’s when we found the Crow’s Nest. we walked in, and it was exactly like the restaurant we both used to work at Pier 39. we immediately turn around and walked out.

that’s how i remember the Crow’s Nest.

but anyway. i was so impressed that i found it, that i took a pic and sent it to Ja-NayNay.

and then i realized that i needed to get back to SF, because i had to meet LT to go sing/scream/wail kara-okay


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