thurs 3 apr

did a whole lotta nothin yesterday.


was supposed to go to the gym.

was supposed to clean/unpack/reorganize my apt.

i did, however manage to make it out to dinner, tho.

went to tinderbox in bernal heights. they have a 3-course pixe fixe menu for only $29 after 9pm. kick ass!

i started with sweetbreads. which tasted, not surprisingly, nothing like sweet bread, but more like foie gras. also a some chunks of bacon and fingerling potatoes thrown in there for good measure.

then i went on to “chicken n waffles.” but it was actually game hen and waffles. chicken came 3 ways: breast, fried/with mustard/something sweet sauce, and minced, kinda like chicken salad. all washed down with one of the house libations. shparkling wine and starfruit/lemon.

dessert was morroccan pb&j beignets. basically little donut holes filled with peanut butter and some sort of jam/marmalade/fruit goo. delish.

all this for $29? love it.

i was also able to try the asparagus with lemon something or other. (i confuse it with our grilled asparagus at the Restaurant. it’s basically the same.) oh, wait, this one had a tempura egg on top! next course was steak feature. some sort of roly poly logs came with it. i think it was polenta/potato mix with green stuff in it.

and the last dessert i tried was called the menage a trois. apple 3 ways (lets say fried, grilled and sauced, because i can’t remember) with a custard pudding? cake? flan? sort of a twist on a caramel apple.

on the way home, we stopped in at argus lounge in the mission. a typical mission dive. no hipsters, just cool people and an indie jukebox. it looks a lot like the knockout. but then again, so do many bars in the mission– the elbo room, the attic, the make out room, etc.
good times.

[where: 803 cortland, 94110]

[where: 3187 mission, 94110]


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