vegas luxuriation

tues 1 apr


just came back from a few days in vegas. it was totally not a weekend of debauchery at all. i was visiting the fam.

it was ultra-relaxing.

you know, but for the fact that we went to the Palms every so often, you woulda thought i was in any-suburb, USA. except with better restaurants. it’s true. we did eat out a lot. excellent.

sunday, we went to Sedona for lunch. it’s a cool-as-fuck restaurant. food was very very SF. the parents loved it.

also went to Morels French Steakhouse. it’s in the new Palazzo Resort (next to, and part of, the Venetian). Morels reminded me a lot of MonAmiGabi in the Paris. it was, however, most excellent.

started with a cheese plate. and mixed olives.

and had a nice outside table, with a view of Treasure Island, and the Fashion Show Mall.

my mom was very charmed by the waiter. i think his name was antonio. she took a picture of him. she’s silly like that sometimes.

anyway. would totally recommend both restaurants.

in other news, they rented convertible this time. and we put the top down whenever we could. mom was like a little kid. screaming “woooooooo!” as we drove down the Strip. heee hee!

i met a bunch of their friends. mostly retirees, or semi-retirees. i totally understand why mom and dad like it in vegas. it’s fun. their friends are there. they can hang out. see each other.

it was good for me, too.

i totally caught up on sleep. (last week i partied like i was still in my 20s)

i totally got to do some shopping. love Buffalo (s)Exchange!

and i totally did some research for when me and annie go there in may, or june, or july, or august!

good times.

gotta get to work now.

[where: 3325 Las Vegas Blvd South, 89109]

[where: 9580 W. Flamingo Rd. 89147]


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