sugar, sugar

29 march sat

it was frank’s bday last night. met up with her and a whole bunch of friends at sugar lounge. met a buncha new friends. and saw a bunch that i hadn’t seen in a while. it was cool. i heart my friends. and my friends’ friends.

it’s early. i’m at sfo flying standby for a flight to vegas to see the fam. was supposed to be on a 7am flight, and i knew that was never gonna happen. so i “missed” my flight by sleeping in till about 8am. ane here i am at the airport. i hope i can get on this 10:45flight.

back to Sugar, sugar. there were quite a few people there. was impressed. i was barely able to get my friends to come to my celebration last year at… uh, wherever i had it. i can’t remember at the moment. it was a pretty good turnout. Frank’s sis (Meg? is that her alias?–i really should write these things down) was there with her hubby. Ken(?) and the KK the Irishman too. I met another “frank”. she’s married to one of the several IT Geeks that i met.

it’s funny that Frank is always trying to spread the word of twitter and dodgeball. ITGeek totally whipped out his iHype iPhone and signed up via web.

overall i had a good time! regardless of the fact that i was hungover and on day3 of an alcohol bender. its fun to get other people’s viewpoints on relationships, sf, fam, growing up, music, etc.

here’s to the friends i have. and all the friends i haven’t made yet.

good times.

[where: 337 Hayes, 94102]


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