fri 28 march


plo’s wedding was yesterday.

good times.

ceremony not overly religious. cool. was on washington at lyon. weird area. never been there before. nice though. sunny neighborhood.

wedding was small about 35ppl total. reception was at foreign cinema. it’s a big place in there!

i had to get some disposable cameras for the tables. i had a MOST excellent cucumber martini before the reception.

reception was fun. we took lots of silly pictures.

and drank a lot.

the afterparty was at the top of the mark.

a swing band was playing. lame! they were dressed in 1940s garb. (are they the squirrel nut zippers?) and people were dressed up in 1940s garb too, and swing dancing. (swing dancing? is it still 1998? how embarrassing.) but, i guess if you’re living in a time warp and dressing like it’s 1944, you’re not really concerned about being with current trends.

what was even MORE lame, was the $10 cover charge to get into the place. we paid it, because, well, we did.

me, giggles, carlita, ro, and boobs shared a bottle of sparkling wine.

and the band played on.

and they shut down at 12midnite. but they still had no problem taking our $10 a person cover charge when we arrived at 11:15. lame!

no wonder i never go to the top of the mark.

the after-after party was at zeki’s.

i continued to drink more citron+soda.

and this morning, i woke up with $0 in my pocket. i started with $130. what the hell did i spend it on? i think i bought a round for everyone, several times over. i get overly generous when i drink.

good times, though.

it’s Frank’s birthday tonight. going to sugar lounge.


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