wednesday night debauchery

thurs 27 march

what the hell did i do last night?

alistair called me this morning (well, technically, it was the afternoon) to inquire about my headache. how’d he know? he tells me he walked me home because i was so wasted. (great.)

it all started at work. me, DG, Roy, Alistair, NayNay, Montana. we started drinking at shift’s end. and then we went to the bar next door. i hardly ever go next door. i think i’ve been there maybe 5 times in the 5+years that i’ve worked at this place. it was supposed to be “only one drink”. whatever.

a few fernet shots, a few more ketel citron + soda, and suddenly, it was last call.
(imagine that!)

through a fernet-fueled fog, we decided to go to soluna, because NayNay is the owner. i dunno. it seemed like a good idea at the time.

there was more alcohol consumption there. and then some more. and some more.

and suddenly, it’s 4am. so i decide to walk home.

and i don’t remember the rest. when i woke up this morning, i had no pants on, but wearing a different shirt than what i was wearing before. did i change my outfit? why?

i’m getting flashes of someone being in the apt, and walking them out. but i really can’t remember.

feeling slow today.

and it’s plo’s wedding at 5pm.

should be interesting.


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