21 march 12:26am

was off today. but picked up a shift from Alistair. i thought he was being lazy. turns out he’s illin’.

i trained the new guy today. i’ll call him henry. he’s got a fauxhawk. (it’s not his fault. he’s from the south.)

he’s a little weird. but that’s good. all of us at the restaurant are.

my nose is still clogged.

HomeSlice txtd me today. we’re going to serpentine for dinner tomorrow. good times.

what else. i really didn’t do much of anything today. i went to blue bottle coffee at the mint plaza. i had some dumb-ass Kyoto iced coffee which cost $3.50 lame!!
it’s cold slow-brewed through some sort of contraption that looks like a science experiment. the result of which is a beverage that resembles iced coffee, but doesn’t taste like it. it actually tastes kinda like brandy. really.

the place was filled with coffee snobs. they’re just like wine snobs. but even more irritating.

we sat in the plaza for a while. good times.


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