down under

20 march 10:45

went to south food+wine bar yesterday for lunch. it’s in SoMa. just across the street from the CalTrain station. weird area. but convenient, if you’re gonna take Caltrain outta the city. [where: 330 townsend, 94107]

it’s a small place. maybe holds about 25 at the tables. there’s also a “community table” (which is oh-so trendy in SF these days. really, can you name a new place that doesn’t have one?) that fits maybe 14 or so.

the back of the menu has some interesting (*useless*) facts about Australia and New Zealand, for your reading pleasure.

food. it’s NZ and Australian.

the yelp!ers really loved loved loved the bushman’s plate, and the barramundi. sadly, those two dishes aren’t featured for the lunch menu.

i had the victorian lamb salad. i don’t know what made it “victorian”. it was chunks of lamb with something spicy, mixed with greens that i’d never seen before. they were dark green, and super crinkly, and kinda bitter. topped off with hard boiled egg, and capers, and some other stuff that made it deee-lish. i enjoyed it. oh, i had a side of snow peas, too. they came with chilies and sliced almonds. yummers.

crazyczech had the snow pea soup with some sort of ravioli (?) tortellini (?) in it. i can’t remember. it was bright green, and tasted good, too.

dessert was a chai panna cotta with dates, and berries, and some sort of cognac drizzled on top. i usually get whatever’s chocolate. but this, was kick ass!

i do agree with the yelpers. it’s totally overpriced for what it is. i don’t think i’ll be going back there for lunch again. but i’ll definitely have to see what dinner’s all about.


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