thur 13 march 12:35am

img_0978-tinderbox.jpgwas off tonight (wed) and found a new (well, new to me) restaurant in lesbionic bernal heights.

its called tinderbox. it’s a teeny tiny place. all the food is organic, locally grown, from sustainable farms, and all that crap. blah blah blah. whatever.

have no idea why it’s called tinderbox. and i don’t care. all that matters is that the food is kick ass!

the pixie-haircutted server set down a bowl of popcorn in front of us. it was healthy wheat, scallions and something and something and something. tasty.

they offer a prixe fixe menu for $29 after 9pm. excellent.

to start, i had lamb-something with mint pearl pasta. and a raisin reduction (?) i can’t remember. i’m really bad with details. but such excellent flavors!! oh, and also a lillet blanc as an aperitif. (i am trés schmancy!)

next was char-char. this is apparently some sort of salmon-like fish. and it is excellent, just like salmon. to accompany it, was char crudo on a little polenta cake. and there was also some roe thrown in there for good measure. and all this was washed down with one of their house libations. sparkling wine mixed with meyer lemon and starfruit. yes!

dining companion had some “pork love: chinese style”. fatty pork belly (for me–yuck. but very much enjoyed by him), 3 different kinds of kim chi, and a chinese bbq pork bun. it was okay. i’m really glad that i got the char.

i don’t get it. the yelp!-ers loved loved loved the pork. i’m glad i don’t listen to the yelp!-ers

omg. and dessert. molten chocolate cake with bleu cheese inside. that’s right. bleu cheese! kick ass!
[where: 803 cortland, 94110]

afterwards, i rode my bike home, and got lost in the bayview. as if i was ever entertaining the idea that i’d buy a place there, currently the answer is a firm “NO FUCKING WAY!


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