tues 11 march

no, not like that.

i went to a new-ish place on polk st. called bar johnny. it’s in the former tablespoon space.

there’s no sign outside. plain black awning. it’s pretty innocuous from the outside. i’ve ridden my bike right past it several times. it was late when we got there. maybe 11pm.

i did some research beforehand, and 4 out of 5 yelp!-ers are recommending the cheeseburger.

so, what do i do?

i order the damn cheeseburger. it comes with garlic truffle fries.

it was…. a cheeseburger. an okay cheeseburger.

i’m a cheeseburger connoisseur. my faves? polker’s for a casual burger, and petit robert for a schmancy burger… and that’s just within 2 blocks of the place.

don’t know what the hell all those yelp!-ers are yelp!-ing about. (i should know better. the yelpers are a weird cult. probably scientologists)

right. back to my… cheeseburger. the cheese was excellent. but the burger was… just a burger. how unfortunate.

and the truffle fries? way way too greasy, and too skinny to hold up to the truffle oil. truffle oil is a super strong flavor, and it needs a lot more potato to taste good. i’m all about the skinny fries, but fat fries (steak frites) woulda been way better. all i tasted was fried… fried stuff. covered in grease. it was ick.

dining companion had some sort of shredded lamb sitting on (supposedly) crustini toast. what came out looked more like a pulled pork sammich sitting on soggy eye-talian bread. not sexy.

it’s damn expensive, too. $18 for the lamb and soggy bread. $11 for the mediocre burger. i don’t give a damn if it’s organic or locally sustained or whatever the fuck. it’s too much $$ for mediocre food.

i had a pretty good cocktail, though. similar to a manhattan, made with woodford reserve. don’t remember what the hell it’s called.

and it’s supposedly open late, till 1am. hm… maybe i’ll be back. and apparently, there’s a brunch on the weekends. i’ll give it a try with the brunch crew.

[where: 2209 polk, 94109]


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