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sugar, sugar

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29 march sat

it was frank’s bday last night. met up with her and a whole bunch of friends at sugar lounge. met a buncha new friends. and saw a bunch that i hadn’t seen in a while. it was cool. i heart my friends. and my friends’ friends.

it’s early. i’m at sfo flying standby for a flight to vegas to see the fam. was supposed to be on a 7am flight, and i knew that was never gonna happen. so i “missed” my flight by sleeping in till about 8am. ane here i am at the airport. i hope i can get on this 10:45flight.

back to Sugar, sugar. there were quite a few people there. was impressed. i was barely able to get my friends to come to my celebration last year at… uh, wherever i had it. i can’t remember at the moment. it was a pretty good turnout. Frank’s sis (Meg? is that her alias?–i really should write these things down) was there with her hubby. Ken(?) and the KK the Irishman too. I met another “frank”. she’s married to one of the several IT Geeks that i met.

it’s funny that Frank is always trying to spread the word of twitter and dodgeball. ITGeek totally whipped out his iHype iPhone and signed up via web.

overall i had a good time! regardless of the fact that i was hungover and on day3 of an alcohol bender. its fun to get other people’s viewpoints on relationships, sf, fam, growing up, music, etc.

here’s to the friends i have. and all the friends i haven’t made yet.

good times.

[where: 337 Hayes, 94102]



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sat 29 march

it’s a new restaurant in the dogpatch (whatever, SF). it’s the same owners (or one of the former owners) as slow club in potrero.

i went there for lunch the other day. and i totally forgot to write about it.

it was pretty good. small. the yelpers loved loved loved the savory bread pudding. i’m glad i don’t listen to them.

i had a chx sando.

my companion had the savory bread pudding. and it was …. eh.

it was a scenic ride along the new 3rd street rail. then we went to the ritual coffee roasters in the Bayview. it’s weird down there. like being in the suburbs.

[where: 2495 third street, 94107]


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fri 28 march


plo’s wedding was yesterday.

good times.

ceremony not overly religious. cool. was on washington at lyon. weird area. never been there before. nice though. sunny neighborhood.

wedding was small about 35ppl total. reception was at foreign cinema. it’s a big place in there!

i had to get some disposable cameras for the tables. i had a MOST excellent cucumber martini before the reception.

reception was fun. we took lots of silly pictures.

and drank a lot.

the afterparty was at the top of the mark.

a swing band was playing. lame! they were dressed in 1940s garb. (are they the squirrel nut zippers?) and people were dressed up in 1940s garb too, and swing dancing. (swing dancing? is it still 1998? how embarrassing.) but, i guess if you’re living in a time warp and dressing like it’s 1944, you’re not really concerned about being with current trends.

what was even MORE lame, was the $10 cover charge to get into the place. we paid it, because, well, we did.

me, giggles, carlita, ro, and boobs shared a bottle of sparkling wine.

and the band played on.

and they shut down at 12midnite. but they still had no problem taking our $10 a person cover charge when we arrived at 11:15. lame!

no wonder i never go to the top of the mark.

the after-after party was at zeki’s.

i continued to drink more citron+soda.

and this morning, i woke up with $0 in my pocket. i started with $130. what the hell did i spend it on? i think i bought a round for everyone, several times over. i get overly generous when i drink.

good times, though.

it’s Frank’s birthday tonight. going to sugar lounge.

wednesday night debauchery

Posted in drinking, friends, san francisco on Thursday 27 March, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

thurs 27 march

what the hell did i do last night?

alistair called me this morning (well, technically, it was the afternoon) to inquire about my headache. how’d he know? he tells me he walked me home because i was so wasted. (great.)

it all started at work. me, DG, Roy, Alistair, NayNay, Montana. we started drinking at shift’s end. and then we went to the bar next door. i hardly ever go next door. i think i’ve been there maybe 5 times in the 5+years that i’ve worked at this place. it was supposed to be “only one drink”. whatever.

a few fernet shots, a few more ketel citron + soda, and suddenly, it was last call.
(imagine that!)

through a fernet-fueled fog, we decided to go to soluna, because NayNay is the owner. i dunno. it seemed like a good idea at the time.

there was more alcohol consumption there. and then some more. and some more.

and suddenly, it’s 4am. so i decide to walk home.

and i don’t remember the rest. when i woke up this morning, i had no pants on, but wearing a different shirt than what i was wearing before. did i change my outfit? why?

i’m getting flashes of someone being in the apt, and walking them out. but i really can’t remember.

feeling slow today.

and it’s plo’s wedding at 5pm.

should be interesting.

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22 march 2:35

uninspired for a title for this post.

i got home from work a little while ago. i was supposed to be off. but i covered a bar shift for DonnyG. it was a pretty good night.

am i the only one who doesn’t mind working with Estrella? everyone else finds her really hard to work with.

me? i can’t stand working w D. he always seems so damn surprised whenever i ask him to do something.

currently eating a spanish version of trail mix: garbanzo beans, corn nuts, pistachios, almonds, fava beans. it’s yummers. but way way way too much salt. even for me!

got a txt about an afterparty tonight. it’s a 1117 howard. wow. i’m so in the know.

i think that’s all i got for now.


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21 march 12:26am

was off today. but picked up a shift from Alistair. i thought he was being lazy. turns out he’s illin’.

i trained the new guy today. i’ll call him henry. he’s got a fauxhawk. (it’s not his fault. he’s from the south.)

he’s a little weird. but that’s good. all of us at the restaurant are.

my nose is still clogged.

HomeSlice txtd me today. we’re going to serpentine for dinner tomorrow. good times.

what else. i really didn’t do much of anything today. i went to blue bottle coffee at the mint plaza. i had some dumb-ass Kyoto iced coffee which cost $3.50 lame!!
it’s cold slow-brewed through some sort of contraption that looks like a science experiment. the result of which is a beverage that resembles iced coffee, but doesn’t taste like it. it actually tastes kinda like brandy. really.

the place was filled with coffee snobs. they’re just like wine snobs. but even more irritating.

we sat in the plaza for a while. good times.

down under

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20 march 10:45

went to south food+wine bar yesterday for lunch. it’s in SoMa. just across the street from the CalTrain station. weird area. but convenient, if you’re gonna take Caltrain outta the city. [where: 330 townsend, 94107]

it’s a small place. maybe holds about 25 at the tables. there’s also a “community table” (which is oh-so trendy in SF these days. really, can you name a new place that doesn’t have one?) that fits maybe 14 or so.

the back of the menu has some interesting (*useless*) facts about Australia and New Zealand, for your reading pleasure.

food. it’s NZ and Australian.

the yelp!ers really loved loved loved the bushman’s plate, and the barramundi. sadly, those two dishes aren’t featured for the lunch menu.

i had the victorian lamb salad. i don’t know what made it “victorian”. it was chunks of lamb with something spicy, mixed with greens that i’d never seen before. they were dark green, and super crinkly, and kinda bitter. topped off with hard boiled egg, and capers, and some other stuff that made it deee-lish. i enjoyed it. oh, i had a side of snow peas, too. they came with chilies and sliced almonds. yummers.

crazyczech had the snow pea soup with some sort of ravioli (?) tortellini (?) in it. i can’t remember. it was bright green, and tasted good, too.

dessert was a chai panna cotta with dates, and berries, and some sort of cognac drizzled on top. i usually get whatever’s chocolate. but this, was kick ass!

i do agree with the yelpers. it’s totally overpriced for what it is. i don’t think i’ll be going back there for lunch again. but i’ll definitely have to see what dinner’s all about.

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