technical difficulties

wed 20 feb

my new phone, nokia 6300. mine is white. i decided that it should be black.
i ebay-ed a new faceplate and housing.

yesterday, it appeared in the mail. from hong kong. complete with tools!

me, being a tool, changed it right away.

several hours later, and several leftover/missing parts later…

i realized that i couldn’t get all the parts migrated over to the “black” housing, and decided to keep it all in the “white” housing.

but in the process, i managed to “misplace” the microSD card, which houses all the photos, downloaded ringtones, etc.

after much searching, i found it lodged behind the sim card/battery/internal housing.

and badly cracked.

and completely non-functional.

i am an idiot.

thus i must buy a new microSD card.

good thing that BestBuy has same-day in-store pickup!


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