drunk brunch

mon 18 feb

me plo and ro went to drunk brunch yesterday at Lime!

haven’t been there in a few months. this party has taken on a life of its own! it was like a cluuuub! beyonce, amy winehouse, alicia keys, kanye, justin, britney, were all pumpin outta the speakers.

it’s a great party! lotsa booze, loud music, fun people.

apparently, you must wear your sunglasses. even though it’s indoors. and daytime.

i even witnessed a “walk-off”. two guys were dueling via catwalk a la project runway season 2. to borrow from ANTM, it was fierce.

and… i’m way too hungover to write anything more. went out last night with CrazyCzechs and the CrazyCzechBrother.

more on that later in the week, when i recover.

[where: 2247 market, 94114]


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