sunday brunch

tues 12 feb

jamie and i went to andalu for brunch on sunday. it was great.

food was well priced, less than 10bucks for entrees!

we started with this cambazola cheese fondue. delicious. with apples and pears.

the servers there are all women. and all very lesbionic looking.

the clientele is typical mission hipster.

i’ve noticed that mission hipsters are very different than your run-of-the-mill tenderloin hipster.

it’s hard to describe. from what i can see, mission hipsters are younger, and more vintage/thrift store oriented, in terms of clothes and overall look. not that tenderloin hipsters aren’t the same. but they’re slightly different. sounds crazy, but that’s what i see.

btw, jamie’s hair is still very very dry. would it kill her to use conditioner once in a while? although, i think she takes great pride in not being overly concerned with her appearance.


[where: 3198 16th St, San Francisco 94103]


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