bernal hts

tues 12 feb

it was all sorts of gorgeousness today, so i had lunch at todai in daly city. i dunno why, either. i had a hankering for all-you-can-eat sushi and pan-asian food.

i took BART there, but i had my bike with me. after lunch, i thought i’d do a bit of exploring. i got lost through daly city for a few hours. and then crocker amazon, and other bizarre neighborhoods that i’d only read about.

i remembered there was a new restaurant called Tinderbox that i saw on

i had a general idea of where it was, and i consulted google sms to confirm. i love google sms. i can’t live without it. just send a text to 46645 and you’re on your way. (i sound like an ad.)

i rode up the hills through bernal heights and discovered a sleepy little village filled with lesbionic women and their dogs, or their toddlers. sometimes both.

it was like suddenly finding yourself in a time warp. everything was so… precious. so quaint. so chaste.

so vomitous.

i never realized that bernal heights had such a lesbionic population. i think i’d read about it in the Chron, or the SFWeekly or something. but i never thought much of it.

i found the restaurant, tinderbox. and also found the bar called the stray dog bar (?) and wild side west. i’d read about these places in SFWeekly’s best of SF issue. i had no idea that this is where these places were.

so interesting.

then the fog rolled in, and i was freezing because i was wearing shorts.

so i rode home.

[where: 94110]


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