eating out… again

fri 8 feb

Ro and i went yank sing for lunch on wed. it was great. but truthfully, i’ve had way better dim sum for 1/4 the price.

geographically, it’s in SoMa. but it’s got much more of a lunchtime office worker vibe to it. know what i mean? we were at the one on stevenson st.

traditional dim sum style. little ladies wheel around carts and everything. but they speak english. wow.

i can’t remember what the hell we had. shrimp dumplings. green beans. shanghai style soup dumplings. pork buns.

overall. great. but when our check arrived, was roughly equivalent to the national debt. not so great. how i miss dim sum in chinatown. or in the other chinatown. like the other day.

then later that night, i was off… again.

got into pesce just as it was closing. CrazyCzech is a little nervous lately. his fam is coming to visit, and he’s trying to find a place for them to stay for a few weeks. and everything has to be just so.

anyway, what the hell was i saying?

right. pesce.

small plates. seafood. eye-talian.

not such a big fan of seafood. (although i do love me some sushi.)

i think we started with anchovies. i don’t remember.

then i had pork al latte. too milky. but ok. czech had some pasta dish.

all washed down with wine.

on the way home we stopped at the wine bar on polk, around pacific? don’t know what the hell it’s called. and godammit–it was open! faaahhhhck!

i don’t like wine, either. wine bars, oyster bars, seafood places… not a fan. there’s just nothing there for me.

anyway. we walk in, and the lights were strangely too-bright inside. we ordered some wine. it was only about 10:30.
and then eventually another glass. (it’s interesting how i supposedly don’t like wine, but i was able to drink it pretty easily, wasn’t i?)

at midnight, the bartendress started closing up. whew. i don’t have to stay here any longer. i thought to myself.

it was pretty okay tho. but the vibe in there was weird. there was a dartboard on the wall. like it was trying to be a pub. or a small, hidden bar in Nowhere, CA. the clientele sure dressed like they were from Nowhere, CA. probably in their late 20s.

music was pretty good though. i think it was someone’s iPod.


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