dimsum and local

wed 6 feb

dammit. i’ve been going to eat out a lot lately. more so than usual!

tuesday, the inner richmond was enjoying springtime, whereas the tenderloin was experiencing winter. hello microclimates.

anyway. me and crazyczech were meeting up for lunch. and we’d planned to go to taiwan restaurant, a kick-ass dumpling place. instead of taiwan restaurant, we found a different place nearby, which offered all small, med, large dimsum for $1.88 excellent!

super cheap meal. loved it. can’t remember what the hell it was called. lee hou something?

it was super slow at the restaurant last night. i had to be in at 3pm that afternoon for the managers meeting. and then suddenly i had to interview 3 potential servers. i wasn’t scheduled to work until 6pm. damn. there goes my 2hour break.

it was so slow, that i was cut for the night. what’s a guy to do when suddenly faced with an unexpected night off? go out and spend money, of course.

i rounded up crazyczech, and we met at local. a new place on 1st st and… the entrance to the freeway. literally.

local? really? what a dumb name for a restaurant.

it’s surrounded by a whole lotta nothing. nothing but brand-new, overpriced, shiny condos. and who lives in these condos? very hungry 40-somethings. lots of them.

local is owned-by(slash)related-to the same people who do oola in SoMa. it kinda had the same vibe. industrial loft-esque. minimal. etc.

food was pretty good. not great. not bad. moderately priced.

wine is offered by the “taste” and “glass”. be careful when ordering. i totally thought my glass of wine was 7 bucks. i totally wasn’t reading correctly. it was actually 14. but i have to say, it was kick-ass nebbiolo.

a quick glance around the restaurant, and i notice that almost every table has pizza.

so we start with prosciutto/pesto pizza to share. yummers.

my dining companion had something that i can’t remember. i wanna call it spaetzle, but that’s not right. it was basically a stew with “root vegetables”, which turned out to be onions and carrots–hello, pretentious. i had the mushroom risotto with some sort of proscuitto and goat cheese lets say? (i can never remember the actual ingredients of things) it was moderate. not great. not bad.

dessert was some sort of chocolate flan.

the staff was hipster-ish. requisite tattoos, interesting haircut, etc. they were kinda on the ugly side though. but cordial, helpful, and all that stuff.

pretty good. although i dunno that i’d go to the end of nowhere again to eat there.

[where: 332 clement, 94118]
[where: 330 1st st, 94105]


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