more dine about town

fri 1 feb

i dined about town some more.

mon: sens at Embarcadero 4 (lunch)
wed: one market (lunch)
wed: lark creek steak (dinner)

sens was… okay at best. (sidebar: “sens”? really? what a dumb name for a restaurant. it sounds like “sense”–a different suck-ass restaurant on valencia)
it’s a nice place. very big, and interesting decoration. the server was uninterested. the food was… uninspired. turkish-(ish). i woulda had a better meal at the kabob place in the ‘loin.

one market. kick ass!! i went for lunch with Ro. we started with some sort of mushroom soup, that didn’t taste like mushroom. it was excellent! i had tri-tip with some peppercorn something or other. Ro had grilled squash over a bed of risotto. it was out of this world tasty! loved it! loved us! loved sf! dessert was some sort of chocolate pudding thing. excellent overall.

lark creek: it’s in the mall. weird. the servers are really weird and tired-looking. i had soup, steak and something for dessert. CrazyCzech had salad, some sort of fish, and some sort of dessert. food was pretty good.

overall, i think dine about town is becoming more of a pain in the ass for the restaurants. back in the day, the restaurants would showcase their best stuff, (or at least, stuff that was on the regular menu) to entice people to return to the restaurant. unfortunately for most places, it seems that it’s become mostly a chore. some menus are boring, uninspired, and feel “thrown” together. it doesn’t make me want to come back. too bad.

dine about was fun while it lasted. although in the last few years, the quality has gone down considerably.

in other, more exciting news, there’s a whole slew of new restaurants along embarcadero and in SoMa, and in the mission that i need to try:
conduit, tinderbox, pagan, monk’s kettle, serpentine, local, south, waterbar, epic roasthouse, cav 22.

i’m gonna be busy (and poor. and fat, too.) in the next few weeks.



[where: 1 market, 94105]
[where: 4 embarcadero, 94111]
[where: 865 market, 94103]


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