a low-rent version

fri 1 feb

yesterday i was surfing around on bravotv.com looking for episodes of make me a supermodel and project runway. somehow i stumbled onto this:

lipstick jungle. it’s by the same woman who wrote Sex and the City. the show starts next week, i think. i downloaded the pilot episode free, from Amazon-out-of-the-box or something.

so i watched it.

and in theory, it should be cool. three sexy, high-power women living in NYC.

but in practice, we find out that they’re all shy, insecure and neurotic, with lots of problems.
not sexy.

it’s a low-rent version of Sex and the City.

i do however, find the asian-blend woman quite hot.

she kinda looks like my friend Ro.

overall, the show is bleah. this’ll be canceled soon, only to be picked up by WE or Lifetime any minute now. trust.


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