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lovers or fighters?

Posted in gym, san francisco with tags on Wednesday 27 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 27 feb

at the gym today, i was watching 2 guys gettin hot and sweaty in the boxing ring, rolling around on the mat, grappling and struggling. they were doing brazilian jiu jitsu.

i know it’s martial arts, and probably a great overall body workout. but, honestly, it’s so homo.


the hives kick ass!

Posted in music, san francisco with tags , , on Thursday 21 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

the hives.

at the fillmore.

with the donnas.

i heart the donnas.

but the hives put on a great show.

super hi-energy.

the crowd was bouncin around like mad.

lead singer dude uses the whole stage. including standing and jumping off of the speakers.

they like to wear black and white.

i have new fashion inspiration.

listening to the hives now. i’m totally gonna start following them around.

donnas who? (no, i’m kidding. but if these girls want to take it to the next level and truly become rockstars, they need to step up their game when it comes to live shows.)

[where: 1805 Geary Blvd, 94115]

technical difficulties

Posted in cell phone with tags on Wednesday 20 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 20 feb

my new phone, nokia 6300. mine is white. i decided that it should be black.
i ebay-ed a new faceplate and housing.

yesterday, it appeared in the mail. from hong kong. complete with tools!

me, being a tool, changed it right away.

several hours later, and several leftover/missing parts later…

i realized that i couldn’t get all the parts migrated over to the “black” housing, and decided to keep it all in the “white” housing.

but in the process, i managed to “misplace” the microSD card, which houses all the photos, downloaded ringtones, etc.

after much searching, i found it lodged behind the sim card/battery/internal housing.

and badly cracked.

and completely non-functional.

i am an idiot.

thus i must buy a new microSD card.

good thing that BestBuy has same-day in-store pickup!

drunk brunch

Posted in brunch, san francisco with tags on Monday 18 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 18 feb

me plo and ro went to drunk brunch yesterday at Lime!

haven’t been there in a few months. this party has taken on a life of its own! it was like a cluuuub! beyonce, amy winehouse, alicia keys, kanye, justin, britney, were all pumpin outta the speakers.

it’s a great party! lotsa booze, loud music, fun people.

apparently, you must wear your sunglasses. even though it’s indoors. and daytime.

i even witnessed a “walk-off”. two guys were dueling via catwalk a la project runway season 2. to borrow from ANTM, it was fierce.

and… i’m way too hungover to write anything more. went out last night with CrazyCzechs and the CrazyCzechBrother.

more on that later in the week, when i recover.

[where: 2247 market, 94114]


Posted in housing, san francisco on Friday 15 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

why i can only afford places in really un-glamorous, inaccesible parts of the city?

Bayview, Visitacion Valley, Hunters Point, Ingleside Heights, Silver Terrace.
where the hell are these places? are they in SF?
i guess technically, they are.


i realize that in a few years, all these places are gonna be the new Misson, Marina, Tenderloin, or [insert other hip neighborhood here].

but do i want to live way-the-fuck out there?

but there’s so much more space!
and so much less nightlife.
and so damn far away from everything.

how would i get around? i’d have to depend on **groan** MUNI.


do i want to be one of the pioneers?

the internal struggle continues.

bernal hts

Posted in bicycle, off, san francisco with tags , , on Tuesday 12 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 12 feb

it was all sorts of gorgeousness today, so i had lunch at todai in daly city. i dunno why, either. i had a hankering for all-you-can-eat sushi and pan-asian food.

i took BART there, but i had my bike with me. after lunch, i thought i’d do a bit of exploring. i got lost through daly city for a few hours. and then crocker amazon, and other bizarre neighborhoods that i’d only read about.

i remembered there was a new restaurant called Tinderbox that i saw on

i had a general idea of where it was, and i consulted google sms to confirm. i love google sms. i can’t live without it. just send a text to 46645 and you’re on your way. (i sound like an ad.)

i rode up the hills through bernal heights and discovered a sleepy little village filled with lesbionic women and their dogs, or their toddlers. sometimes both.

it was like suddenly finding yourself in a time warp. everything was so… precious. so quaint. so chaste.

so vomitous.

i never realized that bernal heights had such a lesbionic population. i think i’d read about it in the Chron, or the SFWeekly or something. but i never thought much of it.

i found the restaurant, tinderbox. and also found the bar called the stray dog bar (?) and wild side west. i’d read about these places in SFWeekly’s best of SF issue. i had no idea that this is where these places were.

so interesting.

then the fog rolled in, and i was freezing because i was wearing shorts.

so i rode home.

[where: 94110]

sunday brunch

Posted in brunch, friends, hipster, san francisco with tags , on Tuesday 12 February, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 12 feb

jamie and i went to andalu for brunch on sunday. it was great.

food was well priced, less than 10bucks for entrees!

we started with this cambazola cheese fondue. delicious. with apples and pears.

the servers there are all women. and all very lesbionic looking.

the clientele is typical mission hipster.

i’ve noticed that mission hipsters are very different than your run-of-the-mill tenderloin hipster.

it’s hard to describe. from what i can see, mission hipsters are younger, and more vintage/thrift store oriented, in terms of clothes and overall look. not that tenderloin hipsters aren’t the same. but they’re slightly different. sounds crazy, but that’s what i see.

btw, jamie’s hair is still very very dry. would it kill her to use conditioner once in a while? although, i think she takes great pride in not being overly concerned with her appearance.


[where: 3198 16th St, San Francisco 94103]

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