dinner and wii

wed 30 jan

went to a dinner party (of sorts) last night at Frank’s sister’s place in alameda. i’ve never been to alameda before, and i’m still unsure as to where exactly it’s situated. how is it an island?

dinner was tasty. K fired up some pork tenderloin on the grill.

conversation was all over the place. one minute we were talking politics-(ish), then drugs, then the restoration/timewarp of the castro for the current filming of the Harvey Milk movie, hairstylists, then tv, and to video games. and probably lots other mundane-but-oh-so-interesting topics that i can’t remember.
K has an extensive knowledge of marijuana. he knows about cross-pollenation, and various strains of the cannibis plant, and even about how it reproduces. it’s like watching a documentary on TLC.

Mags has 2 kids now. the toddler was keeping Frank pretty busy, and the new one wasn’t doing much but sleeping. until she started crying.

after dinner, i got to try out the Wii. i didn’t play any of the sporty games (which actually require lots of athletic ability and stamina. i’ll save that for the next time i visit). i played super mario galaxy. controls are a little weird. lotsa shaking and pointing, etc, but after a few minutes, i was okay.

we didn’t have much time to play, because Tal had to catch a plane back to the east coast, and Frank and i were getting a ride to BART at the same time.

it was great to see friends again. one day when im off, and not going to the ‘hoe, i’ll make another trip to alameda.


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