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shopping and retox

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thurs 17 january

i was more focused when i got up today. it’s probably because i only had a few glasses of wine last night.

i should learn by now that i must not turn on the tv. i watched project runway AGAIN. i’ve already seen these episodes! (the Jersey girl prom dress). and i’m still watching them! i tore myself away from the couch relatively early today and made my way downtown.

today i went to Klurk, in Chinatown-slash-SoHo-slash-NoLIta. i’ve bought stuff from this place before. it’s a little boutique, and i think the designer is also the owner. everything was on super sale, (50% off!) but i wasn’t feeling the styles or colors.

after wandering around chinatown for a while, i think i ended up on lower broadway somehow. and then SoHo. stopped at GStar. the employees in there are so damn skinny! and to Diesel to see what’s on offer. and KenCole, because CrazyCzech mentioned that shoes were on super sale. i popped into stores here and there. didn’t buy anything yet. i wasn’t feeling any of the stuff.

i stopped into Crunch Broadway to pee. and it started raining. again. since i was down there, i stopped into atrium. everything’s on ultra-sale there. i got a pair of GStar striped pants. half price. only $80. still expensive. but i liked them.

then i made my way home., because i was planning to meet Mo, Savagely Tan and Milhaus for dinner. we went to Gabriela’s. a Mexican place on 94th. we had the requisite powerful margaritas. and shared a bunch of stuff.

dinner was fun. i love Mo and SavagelyTan. Milhaus is a cute kid.

it was only about 8:30 when we were done, so i went back to their place with them. we talked, and reviewed Monday night. and reminisced about SF when they lived there in the mid90s, and NY when we all llived there in the late 90s into the millennium.

a few beers later. i went back home.

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