wednesday 16 january

tuesday was spent mostly hungover, and unfocused. i got up at about 11:30, thirsty as a motherfucker. i guess that’s what happens when you drink a lot the night before.

i decided that i was gonna go to the gym, and started to get my stuff together. and i made the mistake of turning on my tv. it was another episode of Project Runway. and also top 20 videos on VH1. and probably True Life, or Made on mtv. i couldn’t tear myself away.

I had this vision that i was going to hiphop class at 12:15 at Lafayette st. but i didn’t get my shit together until about 1pm. made it to the gym, and was totally uninspired. was bored. didn’t feel like exercising, and there wasn’t any music playing in the gym. quiet. snoozy.

i was planning to go to Yonkers to visit ninang, and lola and tatay. then i realized i didn’t bring my laptop-i wanted to show them pics of NY, and baby Brock, and etc. so i had to drag my ass back uptown. but of course, i wasn’t paying attention, and took a downtown train instead. duh. after my detour through Canal St, i eventually made it back uptown to the apt, only to turn around and head back downtown to Grand Central.

mo and savagely tan used to live in yonkers. and i know they’re so jealous that i’m going there. (uh, no they’re not)

Yonkers was pretty good. didn’t go anywhere. i got to practice tagalog. my lola seems to enjoy it. ninang too. tatay seems indifferent. he didn’t talk much. but whatever, he’s an 88 year old man. old men are grumpy.

i fixed ninang’s computer. or, tried to, at least. there were many “necessary updates” that needed to be downloaded, which she never does. her computer is running so damn slow. tony seems to think there’s some sort of spyware involved.

i made my way back to the city by about 10pm, just in time to meet up with Guido.


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