in vino veritas

wednesday 16 january

carmie is here. she showed up after work.

what the hell did i do today? when i woke up, i decided that i was gonna try to go to the gym again. (i’m so ambitious) but this time when i turned on the tv, there was an America’s Next Top Model marathon on VH1. and on Bravo? Make me a Supermodel. again. stuck. and as i flipped channels, i found the ‘60s episode of Las Vegas that i’d been reading about for a few years now. i’d been looking for it on youtube, and with no luck. so i watched it. very exciting.

by the time i left the house, it was about 2pm. i walked around the ‘hood, because i knew carmie was coming tonight. and i don’t know the restaurants around there. i was pretty unfocused again. i think its all this alcohol consumption.

i think i ended up in chelsea. did some window shopping. my wireless access in the bachelor pad royale has mysteriously disappeared. and i brought my laptop with me on my travels today. but i don’t know why.

i looked at stuff in universal gear, starting line, and other shops along 8th ave. most of it’s on sale. fashion-wise, i’ve totally noticed that it’s all about multi-layers. hoodie, bomber jacket, longsleeve, etc. all paired with tight jeans, and boots. but maybe it’s because im in chelsea.

tony and i decided to meet after (his) work for some quality father-son bonding. at about 5pm, i was at Rogue. it’s a regular bar with regular food and regular drinks. very pedestrian. perfect for after-work. i ordered a Killians Red. how faux-premium beer. it’s totally budweiser trying to be SamAdams. but it was on special. i also ordered some wings. yummers.

we sat there for a while, and chatted about nothing, about something, about nothing. he called his friend Leo. i was hoping that Leo wouldn’t be able to join us, since i find him annoying. he didn’t. whew.

tony can drink a lot. he had 2 glasses of albarino and then 2 killians red.

carmie was scheduled to arrive penn station at about 7:30, and tony had to catch a train around then, so it worked out fine.

i dropped off tony, picked up carmie, and we headed back to the bachelor pad royale.

a few years ago, carmie visited me in SF. we went wine tasting, and she got really drunk, and she bought a $100 bottle of reserve cabernet. she decided that she’d open the wine when she turned 40.

some drama ensued with her family this past week, and she informed me that we’d be drinking the wine she’d been saving. ok.

upon arrival at the bachelor pad royale, we popped open the wine. but first we took pictures of carmie with her wine. i dunno why. we’re strange.

a glass for her, a bout 1.5 glasses for me. we decided to go eat.

we decided to eat at this restaurant called Bodrum. it’s turkish. i think. we started with a seafood, tomato-based soup and a beet salad. excellent. next up was some sort of lamb dumpling/ravioli looking thing swimming in yogurt, along with some green herbs, and red spicy oil. excellent, but way too creamy. then minced chicken wrapped in phyllo with cinnamon and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. sweet and savory. excellent. our entrée was lamb tagine. tender and flavorful.

we stumbled and shivered our way back to the bachelor pad royale. (by this time it was probably about 11:30) we sat around and talked. and i had another glass of wine, and carmie barely had a glass more.

she had to leave at 5:30am to get back to WrongIsland. so we called it a night.
but there was still a little more than ¼ of a bottle left.

so it was mine.


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