a night with the guido

wednesday 16 januaryso i got back from yonkers at about 10pm tuesday night. guido and i had been txtng,earlier in the week and planned to meet up.

he lives up near 103 and CPW, and i was at 89 and WestEnd. we met in the middle-ish. at Dive Bar on 96.

sidebar: he’s not actually a guido. not even close. he used to work with me back in my advertising days. and back in the day, sometimes bars had a fragrance mist-er to promotion for a new–usually cheap, or otherwise overpowering fragrance. (you know, kinda like promotional postcards near restrooms. instead, it was a little device in the restroom allowing you to sample a certain– cologne.) so, guido went to the restroom, and sprayed and sampled till he was fully saturated. when he returned, we were able to smell him before we saw him. i said, “who’s the Guido?” and he pretended nothing was wrong. and we all laughed. and the name stuck. and the fragrance? Cool Water or Hugo Boss or something equally horrendous.

so we catch up at Dive Bar for a drink or so.

and decide to go further uptown. it’s fucking A cold! we stop in at the Abbey Pub. a sports bar on 103rd (?). a few more drinks. we meet some really dumb girl from san diego who was eavesdropping on our conversation (at the time we were talking about google, and the google-plex in mountain view) she asks if i work for google. we start talking, etc. and just moved to NY. she asked me if i go to school out in SF. clearly she is dumb. turns out she went to Chico State. party school. explains the dumb questions. we play the requisite game of “i know so-and-so.” our host-stye J, went to Chico. she doesn’t know her. we talk about facebook. blah. me and Guido hightail it outta there.

next stop, SIP. it’s a coffee shop during the day, and becomes a bar at night. it’s fun. crawling with young Euro 20-somethings. most, if not all, are staying at the hostel which is apparently around the corner. Europeans are fun. they really know how to enjoy life. we met some drunk Euros from i don’t know where.

the walk home was brutal. so i stopped in at another bar on the way home. and had another drink. by this time i think it was maybe almost 2:30. i have no idea.

and then this morning, i woke up dehydrated, but a little earlier than yesterday.
it’s fun to re-connect with friends from your past.


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