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what does this say?

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15 jan tues.

what does this say?

it was posted above the restroom at Radegast.

i asked the CrazyCzechs. and they explained it to me.

this one was also posted in the hallway.


[where: 113 N 3rd Street, 11211]


na zdravi, williamsburg

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tues 15 jan

last night, Monday, went to the 718 with Parker, Mo and Savagely Tan. we started out at Radegast Hall. it’s some crazy beer hall with a retractable roof. so very Brooklyn. met up with Parker and his friend Misa. she’s from Boston. she got stuck in Brooklyn that night, because it actually snowed in Boston, and the buss weren’t running past was early, about 7:30 when we met up. the bar had food too! specials were bratwurst/kielbasa, some sort of stew, etc. food looked/smelled great!!! but we had a vegetarian in our midst, so we went somewhere else.

there’s a new-ish eye-talian wine bar over there, called D.O.C. as i remember from visiting HomeSlice last year in Rome, all eye-talian wines have some sort of code like this. and it has something to do with different winemaking processes. or something.

so we’re at D.O.C. drinking wine, (first Barbera, and then Dolcetto), having a cheese plate, a couple-a panini things, and some other small nibbles that were all veggie-friendly. as we sat there drinking wine and cheese in a bar in Williamsburg, we all started laughing at how much different this Billyburg existence is, compared to other Billyburg experiences from say, 1998.

after dinner, we returned to Radegast Hall. it’s a beer hall, serving beer beer and more beer. from mostly Germany, Czech, Belgium, and other beer-swilling nations. I had a BrouCzech Dunkel. and then another. and then another.

reminiscing followed.

the time that we all meant to meet up at the Abbey, (cool bar) but instead some were at Yabbie’s (not so fun bar). and since it was back in the day, we didn’t have cell phones, so we’d leave messages and call each others’ answering machines wondering where the hell everyone was… the time at the Stinger, when the Pimp Daddies appeared at 2:30… good times. the night at Enid’s when we drank too many of the drink special: Five Alive… never being able to find Pete’s Candy Store, so i always had to bring my Time Out NY map. the Budweiser bar. the dog bar. teddy’s. the Charleston.

more memories unfolded, and inquiries about past friends/couples who we’d lost track of. not surprisingly, most of them are married. and have kids and live somewhere outta the city. i’m glad i’m not one of them.

at about 1am, we decided to call it a night. i could stayed out for another drink or so, but Mo, Savagely Tan, and i were all sharing a cab back into the city.

good thing i went with them, because i woke up with such a damn headache the next morning.

[where: 113 N 3rd Street, 11211]

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