tv addiction

fri 11 jan 10:53

i’m on wrong island now. an excellent opportunity for me to catch up on cable tv.

last night, i watched make me a supermodel, project runway, run’s house, a rockumentary on vh1 called: the drug years, celebrity rehab with dr. drew, and millions of other shows!

love it!

make me a supermodel is a little tired. the airwaves are saturated with supermodel shows lately. tyson beckford is played. nikki taylor is… eh.

celebrity rehab is a hot mess! i totally think that Kenickie is gonna die.
i’m not gonna watch for a few weeks, so i can catch a marathon and watch 5+ episodes consecutively!

project runway is still pretty good. i enjoy the designers this season. like the little girl designer, Christian. that crazy hair makes me laugh. and the baldy is quite skilled.

and the rockumentary was cool to watch. especially the part about the raver/club scene in the 90s.

i’m tired of watching tv, so now i’m going to the mall.


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