baby steps

wed 9 jan 14:35

i’m about 2 hours in, on a flight to NY. yeah, it’s a little visit-the-fam, a little bit vacation.

when you’re on a plane with nothin to do for 6 hours, you get kinda contemplative. (well, at least i do.)

so i’ve decided that i’m tired of working at the Restaurant. it’s not that i don’t enjoy it. i actually kinda do. but i’ve been there for 5+ years now. where the hell is my life going? i need to think of my future, and i don’t want it to be at a second-rate restaurant without a “legal” salary, much less a retirement plan. (listen to me, i talk like i’m weeks away from retirement!)

problem is, i don’t know what i wanna do, where i wanna work.

i don’t mind the restaurant industry. but i don’t necessarily wanna stay in it. i could go back to marketing/advertising, but the desk job would kill me.

i could also work at a hotel. though i speculate that i’d hate that too. to be fair, i’ve never worked at a hotel, so i can’t make snap judgements.

to jumpstart this possible new job situation, i’m currently updating my resume. the last time i updated it was 2003. yikes! ive got lots to do.

in other news, the dumb movie with the Rock and the daughter is over (the Game Plan). currently showing House, with crazy doctor Laurie. it’s compelling, although i usually hate it.


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  1. what a posting, like it a lot

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