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dinner and wii

Posted in dinner, friends with tags , , on Wednesday 30 January, 2008 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 30 jan

went to a dinner party (of sorts) last night at Frank’s sister’s place in alameda. i’ve never been to alameda before, and i’m still unsure as to where exactly it’s situated. how is it an island?

dinner was tasty. K fired up some pork tenderloin on the grill.

conversation was all over the place. one minute we were talking politics-(ish), then drugs, then the restoration/timewarp of the castro for the current filming of the Harvey Milk movie, hairstylists, then tv, and to video games. and probably lots other mundane-but-oh-so-interesting topics that i can’t remember.
K has an extensive knowledge of marijuana. he knows about cross-pollenation, and various strains of the cannibis plant, and even about how it reproduces. it’s like watching a documentary on TLC.

Mags has 2 kids now. the toddler was keeping Frank pretty busy, and the new one wasn’t doing much but sleeping. until she started crying.

after dinner, i got to try out the Wii. i didn’t play any of the sporty games (which actually require lots of athletic ability and stamina. i’ll save that for the next time i visit). i played super mario galaxy. controls are a little weird. lotsa shaking and pointing, etc, but after a few minutes, i was okay.

we didn’t have much time to play, because Tal had to catch a plane back to the east coast, and Frank and i were getting a ride to BART at the same time.

it was great to see friends again. one day when im off, and not going to the ‘hoe, i’ll make another trip to alameda.


dine about town

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sat 26 jan

i’ve been dining about town lately.

tues: le colonial (dinner)
wed: campton place (lunch)
thurs: roy’s hawaiian (lunch)
fri: bacar (dinner)
sat: vitrine in the St Regis (lunch)

i’m exhausted. and broke. but strangely, kinda hungry at the moment.

most of the places were pretty good. but it was the desserts that blew me away each and every time.

the donnas

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sat 26 jan

caught the Donnas show at 1015 folsom last night. these chicks kick ass!

before the show, i talked to Tori for like, a nano-second.

when they breeze thru town next month, they’re opening for the Hives at the fillmore.

[where: 1015 folsom, san francisco, ca]

like i’m in my 20s

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20 jan sun

inside the magician on Rivington

apparently last night, i time traveled back to my mid 20s.

me and SavagelyTan met up in Hell’s Kitchen for a few drinks and some food. about an hour or so later, we met up with Guido and his friend from Wrong Island.

we decided to go downtown, because that’s where everything happens.

started out at the Magician, a bar on Rivington. we stayed there all night. much drinking and laughing and fun ensued. <<sidebar: shut up! i just found out that the Magician is a sister bar to WCOU in the east village! >>

SavagelyTan left at about 1am.

Guido’s friend left at about 2am.

Guido and i decided to stay a little longer. we tried to go to Fat Baby. no go. then we tried to go to some schmancy bar across the street, which later, i found out was called Hotel on Rivington. (access denied.) wtf? when the hell did Rivington St become so schmancy?

we went to an empty bar nearby. Verlaine. it’s supposedly lame, but it’s a way cooler bar than anything in SF.

Guido and i continued to drink crown royal + soda.

and suddenly, it was 3:30am

and we were hungry. pizza time.

a quick stop at Rosario’s and we were in a cab uptown.

it’s fun to party like you’re still in your 20s. but my hangover the next morning reminded me that i am no longer living in 1998.

[where: 118 rivington, 10002]


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mo, savagelytan, and milhaus

sat 19 jan

went to the 718 again with SavagelyTan, Mo, and Milhaus. this time we were in DUMBO, and had brunch at Bubby’s. there’s one in TriBeCa, too. same thing. good food. kinda expensive for what it was. bloody mary’s were kick ass, though.

afterwards, we went to jacque torres chocolate. excellent chocolate chip cookies.

it was fucking-A cold again, but we walked around brooklyn heights anyway. it was like i was seeing NY for the first time. i wanted to throw my hat up in the air and spin around in circles. but i didn’t.

[where: 1 main street, 11201]


it’s a family affair

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fri 18 jan

the girls

no one told me that T moved! she lives in Chelsea Lite now. she and her hubby moved from east harlem last year.

anyway, we met up, took some photos, and made our way to the Otheroom. STFU! i’d been there before. it was after MishyMoo’s wedding. and i was so drunk i couldn’t remember where the hell we were, but i’d get flashes of the place. never knew where it was. now i do.

it took us a while to find Perry St. the streets in the West Village all kinda crash into each other very strangely.

it’s a small place. dark. loved it.
wine and beer only. hated it.

i had a glass of vinho verde. and then later a glass of something frenchy sounding. loved it again.

it was crazy crowded with drunk 30somethings. some drunk barfly asked me if i had any cigarettes. i replied no. she went to the other end of the bar to bum some cigarettes. 4 minutes later, she returned, and i was still at the bar, because bartendress hadn’t been able to get over to me yet. noticed that there was a dog in the bar. Drunk Barfly asked me if i smoked. i replied, “no, i still don’t”. so i hated it again.

it was me, T, C, and Li. we were waiting for Dhi. she eventually arrived, and we left the otheroom.

we walked aimlessly, but we had a destination in mind. it was this little place on 8th and Jane? Bleecker? (remember how the streets all crash into each other down there) it was called SHAG. it was shagadelic. food was 70s party food. Mac n cheese, grilled cheese, pigs in bondage, edamame (? dunno where that came from).

i had an Earl grey martini. it was with gin. it was fabu-lash. i had 3 total.wasn’t that drunk at all.

was fun to hang out with the girls.

they all live near each other, so we walked each other in the direction of home.

C mentioned that i should try Billy’s cupcakes as well. so i looked for it. on my way home. again, i was wandering around Chelsea. but this time it was 1am. i found it on 9th ave.

i had to pee, so i stopped into a bar. barracuda. it was actually fun there.

[where: 11 abingdon square, new York, NY]

[where: 143 perry street, 10014]


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fri 18 jan

i didn’t turn on the tv today. i finally learned.

i made it to the gym pretty early. i went to Winter Boarding class. it’s a cleverly disguised Pilates class using the BOSU ball. lotsa squats, and leg extensions, etc. good for snowboarding. my legs hurt like a motherfucker, though. so does my core.

then i did some cardio. and then, i went in search of Café grumpy. it was highy recommended by SavagelyTan. Grumpy is in Chelsea. somewhere around 20th st lets say? it’s teeny. the coffee is crazy expensive. and apparently you’re supposed to know the difference between Colombian and Ethiopian and , and their flavors and richness and boldness, etc. its’ quite an experience.

i tried to find Billy’s Cupcakes. several people have told me about it. i thought it was somewhere around café grumpy, so i walked and walked and walked in circles around Chelsea. never found it. and i was hungry.

i stopped at this place Champignon. i had a panini. and opened my laptop. wireless access available. excellent. i was supposed to meet with my cousins tonight. we hadn’t picked a place, and the wireless internet access i had been stealing at the Bachelor Pad Royale hadn’t been working for the past few days.

so i caught up on email, facebook, and researched places to go tonight.

via mass text, me and the cousins decided to meet at the Otheroom. but first, meet at T’s place.

so i walked around Chelsea some more. i discovered a menswear boutique called Behaviour. everything was a bazillion percent off!

i totally got 2 pairs of pants that i spent way too much money on. but i don’t care. i love them.

[where:  224 West 20th Street, 10011]

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