christmas wrap-up

fri 28 dec 21:45

i ended up going to the ‘hoe with the CrazyCzechs. we snowboarded at Northstar and stayed in the Biggest Little City in the World. Reno.

reno neon

good snow, fun friends. an excellent christmas. wwwwway better than spending it on WrongIsland with the fam. (i love the fam, of course. but i also hate them.) it’s nice to be able to spend christmas on my terms.

christmas eve dinner was at Washoe Steakhouse in Reno. good times. started with J Sparkling wine. fun. i won’t go into details about what we all ate. because i can’t remember.

then we went to midnight mass (at 11pm), at St Albert the Great (i kid you not!) in Reno. good times.

and on Christmas Day proper, we dropped off one CrazyCzech at the airport, to get back to SF in time for work that afternoon. the remaining CrazyCzech and i snowboarded the rest of the day.

christmas dinner was at the one of many Dolce restaurants. dolce enoteca logothere’s a few of them floating around. (one in LA, and, apparently, as the website says, one in Atlanta) i don’t understand what the hell this one is doing smack in the middle of the former Reno Hilton. (presently named the Grand Sierra Resort. schmancy!)

the decor is totally LA hip nightspot. the clientele is trashy Reno gamblers, and Asians. it’s a very strange dichotomy.

our server was cool.

the food was a bastardized american version of eye-talian. i totally enjoyed it.

lets see, the day after christmas, we slept in till about 9am, and hit the slopes. i was tired as fuck the whole day, and also cranky as fuck. and it was fucking-A-cold the entire day. i was shivering on my board. and my toes were cold. damn snowboard boots. gotta get new ones.

we left at 2pm.

and retreated to the spahhhhh.


and then i fell asleep at like 6pm. and stayed asleep until 8am. like i said, i was tired.

and then thursday 27th, we got up, had an excellent buffet breakfast, (yummers) and hit the stores to partake in all the post-holiday sales. i got me a sweater and a new button down shirt. kick-ass.

the drive back was boring. but it didn’t take long. surprisingly no traffic.

was a little late to work.

and i was already “over” it.

currently planning my next trip. this time it’ll be back east to see the fam that i love to hate.


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