laundry drama

fri 7 dec 12:54

WTF? lotsa crazies in the loin today. more so than usual.

i arrive at my usual laundromat. every single machine is full, and a few people milling about, waiting. hm. why the fuck is eveyone doing laundry today at 11am?

i leave and go to the other one, right across the street from the apt. i usually dont go to this one, because the wash cycle is 25c more.

it’s one’s not-so-crowded. but Crazy Laundry Lady is trying to do hundreds of loads of laundry simulatneously. and she only speaks spanish. she’s accosting everyone in there, asking them when their wash is gonna be finished, so she can get at the machines… and also accosting the little attendant/owner/repairman guy, asking HIM when there’ll be more machines free. all of this en espanol. and no one understands her, and she’s getting more and more annoyed.

my wash cycles finish, and i load them into dryers.

she asks me why i’m taking 3 dryers. (uh… because i have 3 loads of wash?)

then, she starts muttering en espanol, i think she was cursing me out, or she said something about having to wash her clothes, or something. then i answered her: senora, hay mas secadores libres alla atras. (ma’am, there are more empty dryers in the back)

she huffed at me, and promptly began to accost someone else about their dryer usage.

and she still didn’t use the empty dryers in the back. what a fucking psycho.

when i get back, my dryers have someone elses clothes in them. 2 of my 3 loads of laundry are sitting in baskets. the little attendant/owner/repairman guy told me that someone took them out because they needed the dryers.

i knew who it was. it kinda annoyed me.

a minute later, as i’m stuffing my clothes into a laundry bag, i see one dryer finish. Crazy Laundry Lady asks Studying College Student about the dryer that just finished. Studying College Student shrugs and says they aren’t hers. Crazy Laundry Lady proceeds to take the clothes out of the dryer. again, annoyed that she had to do this.

(sigh)… i don’t know why i just spent so much time and energy on Crazy Laundry Lady. how crazy of me.

now i gotta fold some laundry. but i know i wont.


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