it was late-ish on monday night. well, if you consider 9:30pm for dinner as “late”.

i went to the gym to try to recover from the ass-kickin at yoga tree the day before.

i searched opentable.com for 1000-point reservations. i decided on cortez at the Adagio hotel. after a bit of debating, we changed our minds and went to Ducca instead.

Ducca is in the hotel-formerly-known-as-the-Argent. now called a Marriot? St Francis? Hyatt? whatever.

its eye-talian.

we get to our table, and CrazyCzech sees Anthony, one of the servers he used to work with at Zuni. hellos and niceties are exchanged. and then we get a round of apps from the kitchen. arancini (the fried risotto balls), fried stuffed olives, and spicy polenta cakes. all yummers.

i started with the quail appy. Now, let me tell ya, quail is by far the tastiest bird that i’ve ever had. it was stuffed with some sort of bread crouton thing, and some pancetta. (bacon!) all over a bed of herbed polenta.

and i can’t remember what CrazyCzech had.

i also had some tagliatelle, with some sort of pork something or other. a little salty, but good.

CrazyCzech had gnocchi in oxtail sugo. yummers.

dessert was chocolatepot de creme. uneventful.

we headed to the bar for a drink afterwards. it was chock full of drunk-ass conventioneers from the middle of the country. (hi… generalize much?) they were all really really tall, and all were drinking beer, and all had harsh accents.

i couldn’t stand being around them because that’s they kind of folk we get at work constantly.

CrazyCzech on the other hand, found them very fascinating to watch.

eventually made my way home. content.


[where: 50 Third St, 94103]


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