tea for two


went to Modern Tea in Hayes Valley on Sat. by the time i got there, it was afternoon menu. (read: limited). a few soups, and a veggie platter, and a smoked salmon platter. we had the salmon platter, which consisted of smoked salmon, some homemade cream cheese, crostini, and some marinated (?) cherries not marinated… there’s a better word that i can’t think of right now….ok, let’s say the cherries were marinated. delicious.

but so not worth the $14 or whatever it cost.

and we also had the soup/salad combo. it was ok. CrazyCzech tells me the soup was microwaved. it looked like it. the sides were scalded, and the middle was not-so-warm. and the whole thing was in a ceramic bowl.

the decor is so precious. it’s so nice. it’s a perfect place to spend the afternoon drinking tea. it’s so gay. (in the 3rd grade sense, not the homo sense)

the kitchen are all very young, (maybe under 23) and probably recent grads from a culinary academy. the open kitchen allowed me to see everything they were doing. which was dreadfully boring. they’re so damn serious. and nary a Mexican in sight. how can you run a kitchen without Mexicans? impossible, i say.

the staff were friendly.also somewhat young. two servers both had über-hipster Motley Crue hair, that’s oh-so-populaire with the kids these days.

the owners, who i think were near the front of the restaurant, seemed very hippie-dippie-Berkeley-all-natural/grey hair. this time, only somewhat irritating.

i ordered some sort of tea with mid-caffeine. it came in a precious little teapot, with a precious little teacup. with a not-so-precious big carafe/thermos of hot water. again. so gay. (and again, in the 3rd grade sense)

it was okay. they also serve brunch, which may be better. doubt i’ll give it a try, tho. i’m so NOT about tea to begin with. and all that precious-ness is vomitous.


[where: 602 Hayes, san francisco, ca 94102]


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