thursday night was 80s night at the Cat Club.

me and Annie went after work. she’d never been there before, and she’s in the middle of a breakup with her douchebag boyfriend.

we’d both worked at the restaurant that night. a few post-shift drinks at work, it was a little past midnite when we arrived.

i hadn’t been there in about a year or so. and nothing says fun like hundreds of drunken thirtysomethings screaming Bon Jovi lyrics at the top of their lungs! two dance floors: one in front that plays pop music/top 40, and the other in back is much more gothic/industrial/new wave. both are kick-ass.

several drinks later, we’re flailing around to “Boys Don’t Cry” in the front room.

annie spotted a guy dancing (we’ll call him Dance Floor Guy) and started talking to him. she’s got this amazing talent to meet hundreds of people when we go out.

a few shots of fernet later… it’s last call. naturally, we get one last round. the ugly lights go on, and we’re hangin out finishing our drinks. annie’s talking to the bouncer guy, and suddenly, they’re bff.

we make our way outta the cluuuuub. Dance Floor Guy is leaning up against a car, trying to send a drunk text. annie talks to him, and suddenly, we all decide that we’re all gonna go back to the restaurant. i don’t understand how this all happened. his friend Neens was with him, she was over there, talking to some guy. so i go over there, peek my head into their conversation and invite her back to the restaurant.

suddenly, we’re all in a cab back to the restaurant. as we’re opening the door, annie sees Igor, the bartender at Mezzanine. she invites him in, too.

so it’s me, Annie, Dance Floor Guy, Neens, and Igor, all in the restaurant.

we decide to have a drink.

which turned into 3.

i don’t remember exactly what we talked about. but me and Neens and Dance Floor Guy were all love love love SF, love love love the restaurant, love love love you guys, etc. etc.

Annie and Igor seemed to be getting along well. although i can’t remember.

Dance Floor Guy disappeared on his way to the bathroom. about 10 mins later (or, maybe an hour–you know how time moves differently when you drink a lot!) Neens went to go look for him, and found him sleeping in the back stairway. (!)

it had to be close to 4am by now.

we all disbanded. me and Annie ended up at my place. somehow. i put her in a cab at about 5am (?) very fuzzy.

woke up on Friday afternoon, almost 1pm. still euphoric from the past night’s activities, and realizing how crazy it is to break into the restaurant after hours, with complete strangers, and continue to party with them.

friday night shift at the restaurant was, thankfully, low drama. and it was my managing night. didn’t have to wait tables. whew.

sometimes it’s fun to party like you’re still in your 20s.


[where: 1190 Folsom, San Francisco, CA]


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