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look! it’s snowing!

Posted in san francisco on Friday 28 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

shut up!

it’s snowing on my blog!

wordpress added a new feature.

but hurry! it only snows on this blog until jan 2!


christmas wrap-up

Posted in CrazyCzechs, restaurant, the 'hoe with tags , , , , on Friday 28 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

fri 28 dec 21:45

i ended up going to the ‘hoe with the CrazyCzechs. we snowboarded at Northstar and stayed in the Biggest Little City in the World. Reno.

reno neon

good snow, fun friends. an excellent christmas. wwwwway better than spending it on WrongIsland with the fam. (i love the fam, of course. but i also hate them.) it’s nice to be able to spend christmas on my terms.

christmas eve dinner was at Washoe Steakhouse in Reno. good times. started with J Sparkling wine. fun. i won’t go into details about what we all ate. because i can’t remember.

then we went to midnight mass (at 11pm), at St Albert the Great (i kid you not!) in Reno. good times.

and on Christmas Day proper, we dropped off one CrazyCzech at the airport, to get back to SF in time for work that afternoon. the remaining CrazyCzech and i snowboarded the rest of the day.

christmas dinner was at the one of many Dolce restaurants. dolce enoteca logothere’s a few of them floating around. (one in LA, and, apparently, as the website says, one in Atlanta) i don’t understand what the hell this one is doing smack in the middle of the former Reno Hilton. (presently named the Grand Sierra Resort. schmancy!)

the decor is totally LA hip nightspot. the clientele is trashy Reno gamblers, and Asians. it’s a very strange dichotomy.

our server was cool.

the food was a bastardized american version of eye-talian. i totally enjoyed it.

lets see, the day after christmas, we slept in till about 9am, and hit the slopes. i was tired as fuck the whole day, and also cranky as fuck. and it was fucking-A-cold the entire day. i was shivering on my board. and my toes were cold. damn snowboard boots. gotta get new ones.

we left at 2pm.

and retreated to the spahhhhh.


and then i fell asleep at like 6pm. and stayed asleep until 8am. like i said, i was tired.

and then thursday 27th, we got up, had an excellent buffet breakfast, (yummers) and hit the stores to partake in all the post-holiday sales. i got me a sweater and a new button down shirt. kick-ass.

the drive back was boring. but it didn’t take long. surprisingly no traffic.

was a little late to work.

and i was already “over” it.

currently planning my next trip. this time it’ll be back east to see the fam that i love to hate.


Posted in friends with tags , on Saturday 22 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sat 22 dec 22:18

i got this crazy idea that i’d go to miami for christmas.

just because.

and then i priced out flights/hotels. and it wasn’t too too expensive.

i emailed my friend Faith, who lives in South Florida. she emailed back and said, yeah, she’d be there for Christmas.

then i had second thoughts. and called several people to get their opinions.

after talking to them, i realized that i really did want to go!

when i tried to book my flight/hotel package, the price had jumped by about 50%.

so i’m not going to miami.

suck ass.

i shoulda booked it when i first saw it.

you snooze, you lose. dammit. i should know this by now!

3 feet and the ‘hoe

Posted in restaurant, the 'hoe, Zipcar with tags , , , on Saturday 22 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sat 22 Dec 21:30

it snowed tons on Wed, so i went to the ‘hoe on Thursday/Friday. this time, we went to Squaw Valley. apparently, home to an Olympics back in the day (and they won’t ever let you forget it–the place is plastered with Olympic rings!)

the snow was good. blah blah whatever.

on the gondola, was a super rich old guy, blabbing about “having fresh crab legs flown in from Alaska”, and his private jet that he flies to Mammoth, because that’s got the best snow… blah-blah-blah. to anyone who’d listen. or, anyone that he’d force to listen. such a cry for attention.
after our day of snowboarding, we stopped into Plumpjack Cafe (hey, i didn’t know there was one in the ‘hoe!) because we wanted to have a drink. and then we stayed for some food in the bar area.

the clientele at Plumpjack bar were all familiar with each other. it’s a little community. they all greeted each other different with versions of “hey, don’t serve this guy, i know where he lives.” two girls sat at the bar, and they couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. they were flirting with the bartender, and managed to score a glass of wine each.

while they sat there, a 50-something rich-looking guy greeted them as if they were old friends. or, as the case was, neighbors. that’s what it is. they all know each other because they all have condos in Squaw Valley. this is what it must be like at a country club. everyone knows each other, and boring niceties exchanged constantly.

and of course they all know each other, they’ve all been coming there for years and years.

such a strange situation. they musta looked at me and CrazyCzech like we were intruders on their closed, secret society. and in a way we were.

i had an espresso martini on the rocks. not the best i’ve had, but pretty good, and it hit the spot.

we were staying in the South ‘hoe, so it took us about 90 min to drive down via Route 89 South, a very windy (wine-dy, not windy) route. road conditions weren’t the greatest– hard-packed slippery snow, because of almost 3 feet of snow that fell on wed. it was very slow-going.

glad i had 4-wheel drive. (thanks Zipcar!)

eventually made it to our motel on the stateline. napped for about an hour.

at about 9pm, we ventured out to get some food, which turned out to be a whole roast chicken and a schmancy ham sammich. and tons of cookies! yummers.

a night out

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wed 19 dec 23:43

work was uneventful last night.

i went to bachhus kirk. CrazyCzech met up with me after his shift.

i like bacchus. it’s cool. but after 4 mandarin + soda, i realized that i over-imbibed a little.

i spotted a peachy’s puff while i was there. i hardly ever see them anymore.

um. i’m off tomorrow. and it’s snowing in the ‘hoe. so i reserved a Zipcar, and i’m headed to Kirkwood at the ass-crack of dawn. good times.


Posted in lunch with tags , , on Monday 17 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 17 dec 14:50

all the sugar from the cookies totally wreaked havoc on my sleeping pattern last night.

crashed last night at about 11:30pm on the couch. woke up at 3:30am, still on the couch. got into bed. tossed and turned for an hour or so. then got up and surfed the web. and stayed awake until about 8:30.

then fell asleep until 11:30am.

went to lunch with Jamie today. (her hair is still very very dry)

now i’m tired and i have to go to work. agh.

punch & cookies

Posted in annoying, crazy on Sunday 16 December, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

sun 16 dec 12:52

HomeSlice has totally lost it.

for her birthday, she’s inviting people over, and we have to bring cookies, and she’s making party punch. a little bit crazy? (ok, a lot bit crazy).

you know on talk shows, when people discuss “watching their loved ones slowly slip away from Alzheimers?” thats how i feel.

she’s gonna make some food to go along with cookies and punch. (what goes with punch and cookies, pb&j sammiches?)

my question is, how are we going to survive the sugar coma afterwards? and how will I survive the tiresome people that i’ll have to talk to?

so NOT looking forward to this. but whatever. it’s her b-day party, she can cry if she wants to. or make the rest of us cry.

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