drinks after work

wed 28 nov 11:39

last night (tues) after work, i stopped into the Hilton hotel bar, way way up on the 46th (?) floor. it’s called CityScape. i’d been there a few times before, it’s always full of corporate travelers. this time no different.

usually, though, it’s foggy as fuck way up there, and you can’t see a damn thing.

last night, however, was a clear night. i could see all the way to HomeSlice’s ‘hood out near the Richmond!

it was quiet there, a few business people discussing something boring. the bartender was this weird asian man/woman hybrid, and was wearing too much eyeliner. for the record, he was a man, but looked kinda like a ladyboy. strange and creepy.

i ordered a Ketel Citron+soda. he searched. none. (strike one) he suggested AbsolutCitron. i agreed. he searched. none. (strike two. you know the place is kinda sucky when they can’t find their booze!) i opted for plain old Ketel+soda.

i sipped my drink, enjoyed the fog-free view, and watched the lights of the city twinkle in the distance. i was able to pick out my apt building, the gym, and other landmarks west of Van Ness. fun.

a few txts later, i meet CrazyCzech for a drink at Cantina. it’s where the old Lucid used to be. it’s an art gallery-slash-bar.

there were a few Bridge players there. yeah. like “bridge” as in the card game. there’s a convention in town. there’ve been tons of them in the restaurant lately.

the drinks there are quite involved.

have a look at the menu.

i had something called a vertigo: some sort of amaro, and bitters and lime and ginger beer or something. too much lime, too tart.

there was some drama behind the bar. the buzzcut guy was training a new bartender, and she was making drinks. she motioned for him to taste the drinks she’d just made, for quality control. he tasted. shook his head. dramatically dumped out the drinks she’d made, and started making them himself.

ooooh. mixologist drama. someone’s on a power trip.

a few seconds later, i saw them kissing. i think she’s his girlfriend.

WTF? why is he training her? why the hell is she even working there? hey buddy. you shouldn’t shit where you eat.

this whole situation is ripe for more drama. we’ll see what unfolds in the next few weeks.

next drink: sommelier’s sidecar.
also too tart.

dramatic bartender with buzzcut is pretty heavy on the fresh citrus.

cantina is an okay place. never too too busy, and it’s kinda on the way home from work. CityScape is a great view, and the best place to meet corporate travelers from the midwest.

i’ve got a hankerin for dim sum. it’s off to the gym now, then dim sum for lunch. then bug nite at the restaurant tonight. i’m off this weekend. very excited for me.


[where: 333 o’farrell, San Francisco, CA]
[where: 580 sutter, san francisco, CA]


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