americas most smartest model

mon 26 nov 13:28

i’m totally hooked on this show. i watch it on the monitors at the gym, with captions. i’m sure a lot of the drama is lost through captioning, but i still can’t stop watching it.

there are 6 models left. in todays episode, they had to perform a runway show in their living room. 3 of them were able change in the dressing room right nearby. but the 3 others: Andre, Pickle, and Brett (?) had to go through an outrageous obstacle course beforehand. totally stupid. but totally entertaining.

funny thing also, except for the crazy russian guy, Andre, all the male models look exactly the same. dark hair, buff, dumb. (not to say that the crazy Andre isn’t the same–he’s just got different hair)

theres also the other show, called the Shot. suck ass. its a reality competition for photographers. far too much contrived drama. whatever. gimme the most smartest models any day. at least they’re nice to look at.

my favorite ones:

and Angela

i just read their bios. Angela is from San Francisco!


8 Responses to “americas most smartest model”

  1. i love this show. love it. and andre. sigh! but i like brett too! i think there was something more than just best buds between he and pickle. hmmm. oh the fantasies.

  2. With the sound off you would also miss the funny sound effects. There were some good ones whenever Rachel Myers thought about something. More AMSM.

  3. Oh Pickle,

    Woof, woof, woof, woof, WOOOOOOOOOOOOOF!

  4. I love you Andre!!!! You’re the best!! Be mine!!!!

  5. andre the best!!!!
    I love you!!!

  6. andre es mio!!!! (spain)


  8. oHhH andree ii LOVE you !!!!!!

    be mine !!!!

    That was a fact from the beginning that Mary Alic this big old slut will not pic a Russian


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