thankful its over

fri 23 nov 11:19

last night was a long shift. worked the bar last night.

the restaurant opened at 1pm. and stayed open till 9pm.
that doesn’t sound very long, but realize that most of the people coming in were trying to celebrate this crazy American holiday that requires you to consume the amount of one week’s worth of food in one sitting, all in the company of your slightly dysfunctional family.

theres something about thxgiving that makes people crazy. i think its the forced quality-family-time.

Krazi didn’t become crazy until about 7pm. (pretty good, since she usually starts out the shift already bitchy/crazy.)

her party of 12 sent her over the edge.
6 adults and 6 teenagers. (that in itself was enough to set her off.)

the teenagers were being brats (the order-taking melodrama of sauce on side/ranch dressing/french fries, etc; pointing out that they didn’t have proper silverware at times, pouring candle wax onto the table; using the candles to melt straws; setting the butcher paper on fire, etc.) and the adults were indifferent to the whole situation. i kept plying her with wine. it helped. but probably made matters worse.

Dancer is still kinda slow. but at least he’s not crazy (yet).

at least we had Georgie as our busser.

GM is a stress case. about nothing. it’s stress-inducing to even be near her.

Intense Hostess felt the need to seat every table within seconds of it being vacated, regardless of whether or not it was actually set.

thankfully, we made bank last night. but at what cost? my sanity.

tonight, more of the same. i picked up a shift from Plogie.

happy black friday. let the shopping begin.


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