hal sparks at the Improv

when i was in vegas, i caught Hal Sparks’ gig on tues 11.20 at the improv at Harrah’s.

he’s funny.

he has long hair these days. (!) i’m not diggin it.

he looks a little like keith urban:

or maybe billy ray cyrus.

have a look for yourself. i just looked at his facebook. (i don’t have myspace)

i did some searching. and he’s in a band, too. maybe that’s the reason for the hair.

check out his website.

here’s a pic of him with shorter hair. . much better, right?
but wtf!? i’m not gonna tell him how to wear his hair.

anyway, back to his gig. i caught his 8:30 show. the place held about 500 people? and it was only about 1/3 full. i noticed there were lotsa old people (in their 50s-70s) in the front VIP area. they musta been comps.

two comics opened the show. both of whom were kinda suck-ass. they were probably funny in the early-90s, when they wrote most of their material. most of their jokes were “hardy-har-har” funny, kinda corny. jokes that your goofy uncle would tell you.

hal took the stage, and his walk-in music was something heavy metal. i can’t remember it right now.

he’s funny. he’s silly. he’s got a smart-person sense of humor. he’s a little weird. that’s why he’s such a good performer.

hope he plays SF soon. but i’m still not diggin the hair though.


2 Responses to “hal sparks at the Improv”

  1. I don`t like Hal`s long hair either.

  2. He looks like Keith Urban, Billy Ray Cyrus, Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts or that guy from Emerson Drive. Although I could swear that picture up there was Keith Urban.

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