the nightclub, not the aircraft.

Jet nightclub 3 rooms 3 sounds

i somehow got myself onto the guest list at jet on monday. industry night. so i tried it.
3 rooms. 3 DJs. 3 sounds. sure, whatever.

miraculously i got in for free (a massive accomplishment, as a male attempting to enter a club solo is usually met with denial.)

the main room is pretty big. i’m really bad at estimating area/square footage. the floor layout/setup looked very familiar. kinda like a cross between Tabu at MGMGrand, and Light at Bellagio.

there were 3 stripper poles that i noticed as soon as i walked in. mainroom was playing current hits. some Timbaland, JustinTimberlake, ansd some other stuff i can’t think of right now.

crowd in the main room was typical vegas. for women, the shorter the dress, and the higher the heels, the better. guys were in the requisite jeans-and-loudly-striped-button-down-untucked-“going out”-shirt.

i searched for the 2 other rooms. they’re much smaller. and the music much suckier. one room was playing house from circa 1997. the light decoration just outside the room stated Destination HOUSE 3400. (or some crap like that). music was bass heavy, and lots of asian folks dancing and wearing sunglasses. i imagine that they’re trippin’ on Special K or something.

it’s amazing that Jet Nightclub is able to miraculously transport clubbers to a rave in 1998. (-_-) i’m silly.

at the opposite end of the club, near the entrance, was the other room, playing lotsa hip hop circa 1999-2003. it wasn’t bad. but it wasn’t good, either.
i didnt come to a cluuuuub to musically time travel. if i wanted to pretend i was clubbing in a different decade, i’d go to Polly Esthers, or Culture Club, or the new one, Nerve Ana. (truly. i’m not kidding. that’s what the new one’s called.)

this room had mostly ghetto-ass asian hip hop wanna be’s seemingly from fremont or the south bay. weird, but they gotta go somewhere to dance, when they’re in vegas, right?

it was Pole-A-Palooza night. normal prize is $10k, but some schmuck added another $10k to the prize money, for a total of $20k.


stripper pole contest started at 1am.


you’d think that seeing 25 strippers in a cluuuuub would be entertaining. to watch them writhe and climb up the stripper pole, turn themselves upside down, sideways, spread eagle, etc. all while hanging on to the pole with say, their pussy, or the crook of their arm or knee. while wearing lucite hooker heels.

it was entertaining. but only for the first 4-6 contestants.


then after that, it became tedious.


and mixed drinks, at $11 a pop, (absolut citron + soda) were mediocre at best.


overall, it was pretty good. not great. but i’m glad i got to see it.
would i go again? probably.


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