the front porch

fri 9 nov 13:02

HomeSlice, CrazyCzech and I went to the front porch last night. it’s from the same folks who brought you emmy’s spaghetti shack .

it’s way the fuck down mission st, sort of bernal heights-ish. southern, caribbean inspired soul food.

there’s a little porch in front, just like the name suggests. it’d be way more effective if SF weather wasn’t so brisk all the time. the server’s got a white patch in his hair. (hey. a guy i knew in HS had the same thing going on. interesting.) the clientele has sort of a vintagey, i’m-living-life-as-if-its-still-the-1950s-vibe to it. not necessarily irritating. this time.

the yelpers told me to get miss ollie’s fried chicken. i’m glad i did. HomeSlice had the pork chop and beans, CrazyCzech had jerk steak. oh, and what the fuck did i start with… some sort of soup with okra, lobster, ham, and taro leaves. and some roasted root vegetables (a combo of, uh, taro? sweet potato? turnip?) kick ass!

dessert was a pumpkin pine nut paaah! (pie)

great place. glad i finally made it there! dunno how long it’ll take me to get back tho. we’ll see.

[where: 65a 29th st, san francisco, CA 94110]


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