death by hangover

wed 7 nov 10:38


omg. i am not in my 20s any longer. why am i drinking like i still am?

i was hung over all day yesterday. (frequent occurrence)

after work on monday, i decided to go to Bacchus Kirk. but before that, i had 2 white wine schpritzers at work. just because.

so we’re at Bacchus. pretty good place. pretty hoppin for a monday night. 2 KetelCitron +sodas later, i decide that i wanna go to R Bar. just because.

we get there, and CrazyCzech doesn’t have his ID. clearly, the two of us are well over 21. but the bouncer douche wouldn’t let us in without it. i turn around and start walkin out. i hear someone shout my name. i turn around, and it’s NayNay. he’s sittin at the bar with a busser from another restaurant. NayNay tells me that SlowBartender and friends were at Rye, (i already know this because J dodgeball-ed me earlier. (thanks, dodgeball!) but NayNay left because the bartender sucks. etc. we chat for a bit. and i tell him that my friend doesn’t have his ID, and we’re gonna go somewhere else. blah.

we turn the corner, and decide on Lush Lounge. it used to be a happenin spot. now, its never crowded.

i had a crown-royal-manhattan-on-the-rocks, because that’s what i always drink there. ya see, the crown royal has a pour spout in the shape of a crown, that lights up when bartender pours. it’s excellent! dumb reason to drink crown royal, but i’m easily amused.

after the drink, CrazyCzech decided to call it a night. it was only 12:45 and i wanted to stop into R Bar. So i did. and i NayNay was still there. and i had 2 more KetelCitron+soda.

suddenly, it was last call, and we’re standing on the sidewalk.

you know when it’s it’s past last call, and you think it’s a good idea to have another drink somewhere else? yeah. we went back to my place to drink some more. i dunno. it seemed like a good idea at the time.

suddenly, it’s 3am. and NayNay’s getting a cab home.

i wake up at 11am tuesday. with a slight headache.
by 11:30, i feel like i’m dying.
by 11:40, i realize that i am dying a slow and painful death.

i proceed to lay on the couch until about 3pm.

had to be at work at 3pm.

was late for work.

spent the whole night trying to re-hydrate.

finally felt better after work at about 11pm.

good times.

and i have decided that i shouldn’t drink so much next time.



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One Response to “death by hangover”

  1. Fantastic, made me forget about my own hangover for about 2 minutes.

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