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drinks after work

Posted in bar, drinking, san francisco on Wednesday 28 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 28 nov 11:39

last night (tues) after work, i stopped into the Hilton hotel bar, way way up on the 46th (?) floor. it’s called CityScape. i’d been there a few times before, it’s always full of corporate travelers. this time no different.

usually, though, it’s foggy as fuck way up there, and you can’t see a damn thing.

last night, however, was a clear night. i could see all the way to HomeSlice’s ‘hood out near the Richmond!

it was quiet there, a few business people discussing something boring. the bartender was this weird asian man/woman hybrid, and was wearing too much eyeliner. for the record, he was a man, but looked kinda like a ladyboy. strange and creepy.

i ordered a Ketel Citron+soda. he searched. none. (strike one) he suggested AbsolutCitron. i agreed. he searched. none. (strike two. you know the place is kinda sucky when they can’t find their booze!) i opted for plain old Ketel+soda.

i sipped my drink, enjoyed the fog-free view, and watched the lights of the city twinkle in the distance. i was able to pick out my apt building, the gym, and other landmarks west of Van Ness. fun.

a few txts later, i meet CrazyCzech for a drink at Cantina. it’s where the old Lucid used to be. it’s an art gallery-slash-bar.

there were a few Bridge players there. yeah. like “bridge” as in the card game. there’s a convention in town. there’ve been tons of them in the restaurant lately.

the drinks there are quite involved.

have a look at the menu.

i had something called a vertigo: some sort of amaro, and bitters and lime and ginger beer or something. too much lime, too tart.

there was some drama behind the bar. the buzzcut guy was training a new bartender, and she was making drinks. she motioned for him to taste the drinks she’d just made, for quality control. he tasted. shook his head. dramatically dumped out the drinks she’d made, and started making them himself.

ooooh. mixologist drama. someone’s on a power trip.

a few seconds later, i saw them kissing. i think she’s his girlfriend.

WTF? why is he training her? why the hell is she even working there? hey buddy. you shouldn’t shit where you eat.

this whole situation is ripe for more drama. we’ll see what unfolds in the next few weeks.

next drink: sommelier’s sidecar.
also too tart.

dramatic bartender with buzzcut is pretty heavy on the fresh citrus.

cantina is an okay place. never too too busy, and it’s kinda on the way home from work. CityScape is a great view, and the best place to meet corporate travelers from the midwest.

i’ve got a hankerin for dim sum. it’s off to the gym now, then dim sum for lunch. then bug nite at the restaurant tonight. i’m off this weekend. very excited for me.


[where: 333 o’farrell, San Francisco, CA]
[where: 580 sutter, san francisco, CA]


rex cafe

Posted in restaurant, san francisco on Tuesday 27 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

tues 27 nov 12:43

i’ve been here a few times for brunch with Amir several years ago, when i was visiting from NY. (maybe 2001) and i remember i applicated for a job here once upon a time. (which musta been in 2002)

last night for dinner i went to Rex Cafe on upper Polk.

apparently there’s a new chef in town. he’s from La Folie, just across the street. and he’s kind of a big deal, i guess. if i paid attention to such things, i’d probably be really impressed.

decor-wise, white table cloths have been added. a nice touch.

started with duck paté. delicious, without being to oily, fatty, butter laden. it had a port gelee glaze on top, which complemented it nicely.

next up was some sort of raviolo (because it was a one huge single piece, not multiple pieces), stuffed with chicken and goat cheese, finished off with a pecan remoulade (?) reduction (?) whatever. it was tasty.

dessert was a chocolate pot de creme or whatever, in an enormous cappuccino cup, coupled with a fried peanut butter/banana sammich. yes! Elvis would be proud.

i enjoyed it.

clientele seems to be mostly local marina/cow hollow/russian hill folk. thirtysomethings having a relaxing meal wearing fleece, while tap tap tapping on their CrackBerrys. or meeting up with other couples, also wearing fleece.

bar clientele all seemed to be regulars. i could tell by the way they all talked to each other, and the bartendress. they all know each other, and i think they’ve been going there for years, treating it as a local watering hole, rather than a restaurant.

it’s a strange juxtaposition between the bar clientele and the restaurant clientele. it’s like they’re at 2 different places.

doesn’t matter though. the food’s pretty good.

there’s also a prixe fixe menu from 5:30-7:30

and happy hour starting at 5 (?)



[where: 2323 Polk st, San Francisco, CA 94109]

americas most smartest model

Posted in addiction with tags , , on Monday 26 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

mon 26 nov 13:28

i’m totally hooked on this show. i watch it on the monitors at the gym, with captions. i’m sure a lot of the drama is lost through captioning, but i still can’t stop watching it.

there are 6 models left. in todays episode, they had to perform a runway show in their living room. 3 of them were able change in the dressing room right nearby. but the 3 others: Andre, Pickle, and Brett (?) had to go through an outrageous obstacle course beforehand. totally stupid. but totally entertaining.

funny thing also, except for the crazy russian guy, Andre, all the male models look exactly the same. dark hair, buff, dumb. (not to say that the crazy Andre isn’t the same–he’s just got different hair)

theres also the other show, called the Shot. suck ass. its a reality competition for photographers. far too much contrived drama. whatever. gimme the most smartest models any day. at least they’re nice to look at.

my favorite ones:

and Angela

i just read their bios. Angela is from San Francisco!

thankful its over

Posted in work on Friday 23 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

fri 23 nov 11:19

last night was a long shift. worked the bar last night.

the restaurant opened at 1pm. and stayed open till 9pm.
that doesn’t sound very long, but realize that most of the people coming in were trying to celebrate this crazy American holiday that requires you to consume the amount of one week’s worth of food in one sitting, all in the company of your slightly dysfunctional family.

theres something about thxgiving that makes people crazy. i think its the forced quality-family-time.

Krazi didn’t become crazy until about 7pm. (pretty good, since she usually starts out the shift already bitchy/crazy.)

her party of 12 sent her over the edge.
6 adults and 6 teenagers. (that in itself was enough to set her off.)

the teenagers were being brats (the order-taking melodrama of sauce on side/ranch dressing/french fries, etc; pointing out that they didn’t have proper silverware at times, pouring candle wax onto the table; using the candles to melt straws; setting the butcher paper on fire, etc.) and the adults were indifferent to the whole situation. i kept plying her with wine. it helped. but probably made matters worse.

Dancer is still kinda slow. but at least he’s not crazy (yet).

at least we had Georgie as our busser.

GM is a stress case. about nothing. it’s stress-inducing to even be near her.

Intense Hostess felt the need to seat every table within seconds of it being vacated, regardless of whether or not it was actually set.

thankfully, we made bank last night. but at what cost? my sanity.

tonight, more of the same. i picked up a shift from Plogie.

happy black friday. let the shopping begin.

hal sparks at the Improv

Posted in vegas with tags , , , on Friday 23 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

when i was in vegas, i caught Hal Sparks’ gig on tues 11.20 at the improv at Harrah’s.

he’s funny.

he has long hair these days. (!) i’m not diggin it.

he looks a little like keith urban:

or maybe billy ray cyrus.

have a look for yourself. i just looked at his facebook. (i don’t have myspace)

i did some searching. and he’s in a band, too. maybe that’s the reason for the hair.

check out his website.

here’s a pic of him with shorter hair. . much better, right?
but wtf!? i’m not gonna tell him how to wear his hair.

anyway, back to his gig. i caught his 8:30 show. the place held about 500 people? and it was only about 1/3 full. i noticed there were lotsa old people (in their 50s-70s) in the front VIP area. they musta been comps.

two comics opened the show. both of whom were kinda suck-ass. they were probably funny in the early-90s, when they wrote most of their material. most of their jokes were “hardy-har-har” funny, kinda corny. jokes that your goofy uncle would tell you.

hal took the stage, and his walk-in music was something heavy metal. i can’t remember it right now.

he’s funny. he’s silly. he’s got a smart-person sense of humor. he’s a little weird. that’s why he’s such a good performer.

hope he plays SF soon. but i’m still not diggin the hair though.


Posted in airport, cell phone, vegas with tags , on Wednesday 21 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

wed 21 nov 11:26

at McCarran airport.

this device is brilliant!

charge carte

from the makers of smarte carte, it’s a rapid charger for all your electronica. 3 bucks for 30 minutes of charge. well worth it. and it takes credit cards! (although, sometimes you don’t have 30 minutes to spare.)


Posted in club, vegas with tags , , , on Wednesday 21 November, 2007 by the Notorious O.S.C.

the nightclub, not the aircraft.

Jet nightclub 3 rooms 3 sounds

i somehow got myself onto the guest list at jet on monday. industry night. so i tried it.
3 rooms. 3 DJs. 3 sounds. sure, whatever.

miraculously i got in for free (a massive accomplishment, as a male attempting to enter a club solo is usually met with denial.)

the main room is pretty big. i’m really bad at estimating area/square footage. the floor layout/setup looked very familiar. kinda like a cross between Tabu at MGMGrand, and Light at Bellagio.

there were 3 stripper poles that i noticed as soon as i walked in. mainroom was playing current hits. some Timbaland, JustinTimberlake, ansd some other stuff i can’t think of right now.

crowd in the main room was typical vegas. for women, the shorter the dress, and the higher the heels, the better. guys were in the requisite jeans-and-loudly-striped-button-down-untucked-“going out”-shirt.

i searched for the 2 other rooms. they’re much smaller. and the music much suckier. one room was playing house from circa 1997. the light decoration just outside the room stated Destination HOUSE 3400. (or some crap like that). music was bass heavy, and lots of asian folks dancing and wearing sunglasses. i imagine that they’re trippin’ on Special K or something.

it’s amazing that Jet Nightclub is able to miraculously transport clubbers to a rave in 1998. (-_-) i’m silly.

at the opposite end of the club, near the entrance, was the other room, playing lotsa hip hop circa 1999-2003. it wasn’t bad. but it wasn’t good, either.
i didnt come to a cluuuuub to musically time travel. if i wanted to pretend i was clubbing in a different decade, i’d go to Polly Esthers, or Culture Club, or the new one, Nerve Ana. (truly. i’m not kidding. that’s what the new one’s called.)

this room had mostly ghetto-ass asian hip hop wanna be’s seemingly from fremont or the south bay. weird, but they gotta go somewhere to dance, when they’re in vegas, right?

it was Pole-A-Palooza night. normal prize is $10k, but some schmuck added another $10k to the prize money, for a total of $20k.


stripper pole contest started at 1am.


you’d think that seeing 25 strippers in a cluuuuub would be entertaining. to watch them writhe and climb up the stripper pole, turn themselves upside down, sideways, spread eagle, etc. all while hanging on to the pole with say, their pussy, or the crook of their arm or knee. while wearing lucite hooker heels.

it was entertaining. but only for the first 4-6 contestants.


then after that, it became tedious.


and mixed drinks, at $11 a pop, (absolut citron + soda) were mediocre at best.


overall, it was pretty good. not great. but i’m glad i got to see it.
would i go again? probably.

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