mon 29 oct 23:55

what’s a trip to LA without spotting sub-lebrities?

. teresa strasser

David Charvet. who? you may remember him from mid-90’s Baywatch and Melrose Place.
i was in Santa Monica on sunday afternoon. going to brunch somewhere. i spotted him on Montana Ave, getting into his big mother-honkin’ SUV.

Teresa Strasser. i know her as the host from the first season of While You Were Out on TLC. these days, she’s part of the Adam Carolla morning show. i spotted her at Crunch Plaza. i was taking the elevator down to the parking garage, and she ran in and tried to go to the 3rd floor, when she realized it was a “down” elevator. she was wearing a lotta makeup, and looked kinda old. i was surprised.


i know, i know. i’m amazed that i recognize these people.


but i had actual celebrity sightings too!

Dr. McSteamy McSteamy and his wife Rebecca Gayheart


at Pizzeria Mozza on Highland, i spotted Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart dining at the bar. it was sunday night, about 8:30 pm, and crazy crazy crazy crowded. as you know, he’s Dr. McSteamy on Grey’s Anatomy, and i know her from the late-’90s teen thriller, Urban Legend. people tell me that she’s on Nip/Tuck these days. whatever.


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